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Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Soldier's Story

By Christopher Allard in a Facebook post dated November 16, 2015

I don’t typically go on rants or express my political beliefs here (Facebook), but I just have to get this off my mind.
As some of you know, I’m active duty Army. Aside from that, I am a medic. I’ve spent 3 years of my life overseas in both Afghanistan and Iraq. I’ve seen some pretty atrocious sites caused by war, from both sides. I’ve picked up blown up body parts of friends and I’ve saved the lives of guys who were trying to kill me and my guys right before I was keeping them from their 72 virgins or whatever they believe awaits them on the other side.
Here is an unbiased truthful view to the Syrian refugee situation.
My first deployment to Iraq, in 2006, my unit voluntarily ran a childrens burn clinic outside of the FOB. It was a constant target for attacks. You would think that people wouldn’t shoot mortars or rockets at their own children, but you would be wrong. We saw hundreds of children, from infants to 18 year olds. The overwhelming majority of the kids we saw (90% or better) were clear cases of abuse. These parents were literally dunking their kids in boiling water, or throwing hot chai at their kids faces… Yes, we’re talking about babies, toddlers, kids not even old enough to understand why their parents would do these things to them. HUNDREDS of kids… We saw quite a few of these kids that were sexually abused, both girls and boys. Their parents acted if nothing was wrong with this, even when confronted by our doctors.
This is the mentality of their society, not the viewpoint of a few individuals… these beliefs have been accepted to the vast majority of these people. Many were educated, well dressed, well spoken men, but yet, they still raped their own children, and kept chai boys (if you don’t know what that means, google it.)
During that deployment, we also captured the 3rd largest EFP cache that had ever been captured. There were hundreds of copper plates, homemade explosives, fake curbs to house the EFP’s, hundreds of mortars and rockets and howitzer rounds, even an anti-aircraft gun. All of these things came from one place, Syria. Almost every single IED or EFP we found or hit could be traced back to Syria… A lot of the terrorists we captured were from SYRIA… Imagine that.
Fast forward a couple years, and I find myself in Helmand Province, in Afghanistan… We had a group of Afghani’s that were paid to help guard our little mud hut in the middle of an Afghan village (I wasn’t on a fob) These guys also kept a “chai boy” A boy, about 11 years old, who was there to serve these guys sexually. We heard him being sexually assaulted many times, but there was nothing we could do about it. We asked the police, the Afghan Army, and we were told the same thing every time…. it’s their culture, and accepted as the norm….
Once again, we captured Syrian made explosives, weapons, and other items… We found Syrian passports during raids… And people out there want us to let these people into the US, with our kids, and near our wives. Near our schools, near our churches, synogogues, malls. Places where we should never have to fear being blown up, shot, kidnapped and tortured…
Don’t forget what they did to the Egyptian Coptic Christians, or the Jordanian pilot… Don’t forget about what they do to rape victims! They stone these women to death for being raped! They behead their own people. Do you think they will show mercy to you?
Look at the rape statistics in Denmark, Sweden, Belgium. Facts don’t lie… 97% of rapes committed in Sweden were committed by Muslim immigrants… And you want 10,000 of these people here? Even if just 1% of these so called “refugees” were ISIS supporters or active ISIS terrorists, would that be acceptable to you?
Chew on it… think about it. Take a good look at your kids or your wife and decide if the risk is worth taking. Feel free to share this if you want.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Is America Ensnared in an Endless War?

By Patrick J. Buchanan

"When the president does it, that means that it is not illegal."

So said Richard Nixon in his interviews with David Frost. Nixon was talking about wiretaps and surreptitious entries to protect lives and safeguard national security in a violent and anarchic war decade.

The Nixon haters pronounced themselves morally sickened.

Fast forward to our new century. For, since 9/11, we have heard rather more extravagant claims by American presidents.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Colonel Allen West Answers A Marine's Question on Islam

Oorah! The question of Muslim terror was never so succinctly answered as here by Allen West. (Courtesy of The Hudson Institute's Reclaim American Liberty Conference)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Obama Rebrands 'War on Terror' as 'Overseas Contingency Operation'

They may leave us vulnerable and defenseless, but have no fear, the Obama wordsmiths are ever ready to provide just the right terminology. What will they call a "contingency" involving the White House or Nancy Pelosi's Congress?

It was the most reviled policy of George W. Bush's presidency so the decision to rebrand the much derided 'war on terror' may seem particularly astute.

The wisdom of renaming it 'Overseas Contingency Operation' however, remains to be seen.

Washington speechwriters and other key officials were notified of the change today by email, according to The Washington Post.

The leaked memo sent from the Defense Department's office of security notes: 'This administration prefers to avoid using the term "Long War" or"Global War on Terror".

'Please use 'Overseas Contingency Operation.'

Email recipients were asked to pass the information on to staff - and to amend uses of the phrase War On Terror, which was adopted after the September 11 attacks in 2001, in official documents.

However, there appeared to be some confusion about where the policy originated.

Kenneth Baer, spokesman from the Office of Management and Budget, said: 'There was no memo, no guidance.

'This is the opinion of a career civil servant.'

The Obama administration has been using the phrase Global Contingency Operation for around a month, in an apparent move to distance itself from the legacy of the Bush years.

The former President resisted pressure from his own advisers to rebrand the policy, despite claims the name did not reflect the realities of the fight against terrorism.

Options had included changing it to GSAVE, or Global Struggle Against Violent Extremism.

However, any such move was quashed after President Bush said it was still a war for him.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

US-Led Poppy Destruction Aiding Taliban, Says Think-Tank

AKI has an interesting story about how US policy forcing the destruction of poppy crops in Afghanistan "is fuelling support for the Taliban and the insurgency."

The London-based Senlis Council, recommends "that poppies should be cultivated for the village-based production of morphine."