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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Another "Nation at Risk"

Proving that human nature is the same throughout the world, and that large, bureaucratic, government-run school systems offer high costs and uniformly poor results, the following article makes the case that Vouchers can work -- in India!


john in dc said...

link to india times gets redirected to

Andy Rayner said...

Thanks for visiting my Blog.
I read the link. I like this comment

"Critics of school vouchers say that parents are incapable of making a right choice. This assumes that there is one right choice for each child and that choice is clear to the critic but not likely to be deciphered by the parent."

So- We's to dumb to tink! We's to under educated to understand the issues.

When one self declared "Patrician" thinks they are the elite few who know it all. Do We by default have to accept the title of "Plebeian?"
I don't think so.

I think vouchers would be a great idea. It will force schools to pull up their straps, poor or under motivated teachers will have to be dealt with. (Teachers union of course would be expected to oppose this) Quality programming would have to be offered if a school was to attract students. I suspect it would be good for good teachers in the long run. Excellent teachers might actually receive higher salaries as schools compete to have them on staff.
But what does this plebeian know?

Andy Rayner said...

Oh, before I leave. A parent knows when their child is suffering in a school or is not being helped to progress in his education. Because when things are not going well at the school - What school, school board, teachers,or principle will stand up and admit that freely? No it's closed door discussions. And as long as we have no choice, there will not be much self analysis.