Campbell's Covered Bridge, Gowensville, South Carolina

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Friday, January 15, 2021

Our Great and Prophetic Pope


"We will soon have priests reduced to the role of social workers and the message of faith reduced to political vision. Everything will seem lost, but at the right time, at the most dramatic stage of the crisis, the Church will be reborn. She will be smaller, poorer, almost catacombal, but also more holy. Because it will no longer be the Church of those who seek to please the world, but the Church of the faithful to God and his eternal law. Rebirth will be the work of a small rest, seemingly insignificant yet indomitable, passed through a process of purification. Because that's how God works. Against evil, a small herd resists."

~ His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI

Thursday, December 24, 2020

Christmas Eve in Washington

One of my favorite songs which brings back so many memories of Christmases over the decades and of friends, many of whom now live with the Lord and in my heart.  It is a beautiful and exciting city where, when I was growing up, I wanted to spend my life, and with God's grace, I had so many rich and extraordinary experiences.  Deo Gratias!

Sunday, November 29, 2020

An Advent Reflection: "Yet If His Majesty Our Sovereign Lord"


By Thomas Ford, 1580-1648 

Yet if his majesty our sovereign lord
   Should of his own accord
   Friendly himself invite,
   And say "I'll be your guest to-morrow night."
   How should we stir ourselves, call and command
   All hands to work! "Let no man idle stand.
   Set me fine Spanish tables in the hall,
   See they be fitted all;
   Let there be room to eat,
  And order taken that there want no meat.
  See every sconce and candlestick made bright,
  That without tapers they may give a light.
  Look to the presence: are the carpets spread,
  The dazie o'er the head,
  The cushions in the chairs,
  And all the candles lighted on the stairs?
  Perfume the chambers, and in any case
  Let each man give attendance in his place."
  Thus if the king were coming would we do,
  And 'twere good reason too;
  For 'tis a duteous thing
  To show all honour to an earthly king,
  And after all our travail and our cost,
  So he be pleas'd, to think no labour lost.
  But at the coming of the King of Heaven
  All's set at six and seven:
  We wallow in our sin,
  Christ cannot find a chamber in the inn.
  We entertain him always like a stranger,
  And as at first still lodge him in the manger.