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Sunday, August 5, 2007

Papal Aide Warns of "Islamisation of Europe"

From The Scotsman:
The principal aide to Pope Benedict XVI has issued a stark warning over the danger of the "Islamisation of Europe" .

Monsignor Georg Gaenswein speaks with the full authority of the Catholic Church about a Muslim domination of Europe.

He made it clear that Europe's Christian roots are under threat from a resurgent Islam.

He also spoke of Islam not being a single force but a religion of extremes, with extremists who "turn to rifles for their goals".

His comments come just a year after the newly appointed Pope enraged Muslims worldwide with a speech linking Islam with violence.

It led to churches being burned in the West Bank, a nun being shot dead in a Somalian hospital and the Iranian president accusing him of being in league with the US president, George Bush, to "repeat the Crusades" of old.

But Mgr Gaenswein has defended Pope Benedict's speech, saying it was an attempt by the Pontiff to "act against a certain naivety".

Vatican watchers say this is clearly aimed at western governments who bend over backwards to accommodate Muslims at cost to their own native Christian cultures.

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