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Monday, September 19, 2011

Citizens of Liechtenstein Reject Legalization of Abortion in Decisive Vote

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

HSH Prince Alois
Voters in the tiny European country of Liechtenstein have rejected a proposal to legalize abortion in cases of fetal deformity.

In a Sunday referendum, 52.3% voted to affirm article 27 of the nation’s constitution, which states that “everyone has the right to life.”

The proposal, which claimed to “help rather than punish” women who choose to have their unborn children killed, had already been voted down by the nation’s parliament in a 25-7 vote earlier this year.

It was also opposed by Alois of Liechtenstein, the nation’s hereditary prince, who exercises some degree of governing authority under his father, Hans Adam II, Prince of Liechtenstein.

Under current law, abortions performed in Liechtenstein or performed on citizens outside of Liechtenstein is punishable by up to one year in prison.

Liechtenstein is one of only a handful of European countries that continue to prohibit most abortions, including Ireland, Malta, and Poland.

The country has been under pressure by the United Nations’ Committee for the Elimination of all Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to decriminalize abortion and promote “family planning” since at least 2007.

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