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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Glenn Wins Michigan Senate Debate Straw Poll

Defeats Hoekstra and Durant By Wide Margins

Gary Glenn
DeWITT, Mich. -- Thursday night, three mid-Michigan Tea Party groups cohosted a U.S. Senate candidates forum/debate in DeWitt which drew nearly 500 attendees.

Results of a straw poll of the audience taken immediately after the debate were released Saturday. See below.

Gary Glenn said the results "were consistent with what I've experienced everywhere I've spoken the last six weeks, from Escanaba to St. Joe to Warren."

"When Tea Party and other grassroots activists learn that Pete Hoekstra voted for the $850 billion Wall Street bailout, to raise the debt ceiling to $11 trillion, for earmarks like the $223 million Bridge to Nowhere, for the Brady Bill gun control law, and that his campaigns have been funded by Jimmy Hoffa and Pete has long opposed state and national Right to Work laws, they want an alternative," Glenn said. "My mission and message of bringing more freedom, more fiscal responsibility, and more jobs to Michigan and America is making a powerful connection."

US Senate Candidate Forum
September 29, 2011
Banquet and Conference Center of  DeWitt, Michigan

Scotty Boman  ===================== 02.33%

Clark Durant=======================18.07%

Gary Glenn ====================== 31.84%

Randy Hekman ====================  09.94%

Pete Hoekstra =====================  23.39%

Pete Konetchy ====================    09.35%

Undecided =======================   05.08%

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