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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

New Canadian Society to Honor Sir Winston Churchill

Canadian Prime Minister W.L. Mackenzie King and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill in Ottawa, 1937.
"The growth of population, petty as it is compared with what the future will bring, is already sufficient to sustain the social and political conceptions of what will one day be a mighty nation rich in grain and cattle, with minerals and oil in her bosom and with a climate to breed a sturdy race."

Winston Churchill, writing in the Daily Telegraph, 1930.

Winston Churchill wrote warmly and with admiration about Canada.

The late British prime minister, who inspired his nation in its seemingly doomed effort to rebuff and ultimately defeat Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany, visited this country on nine occasions, passing through Ottawa on six of them.

That is good enough reason for Ottawa Churchill scholar Ronald Cohen and a group of like-minded Churchillians to form the Ottawa Winston Churchill Society to honour the great wartime leader 46 years after his death.

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