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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Egyptian President-Elect Meets Christian Leaders

Egypt’s President-elect Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday met with Catholic leaders and assured them that all Egyptians will be protected by the administration. The meeting came one day after the Muslim Brotherhood member met with the interim leader of Egypt’s Coptic Church, which makes up the vast majority of the roughly 8 million Christians in the country. He is trying to assuage the fears of Christians about being marginalized in Egyptian society.

“We are worried about the Islamization of Egyptian society,” said Father Rafic Greiche, the Chief press spokesman, Greek Melkite Catholic Church in Cairo.

He also told Vatican Radio Church leaders also spoke to the president-elect about social justice concerns.

“First of all, justice for all the Egyptians, and the new president, as he promised, he has to help the people who are poor, who are homeless, who are [illiterate]…so this is what, as Christians, we want.”

Listen to the full interview by Stefano Leszczynski with Father Greiche: RealAudioMP3