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Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Supremely Dark Day for America

Today's decision by the United States Supreme Court on ObamaCare reinforces the need to elect a conservative Congress that will vigorously restore our system of checks and balances and faithfully adhere to the United States Constitution.  The American people still have the power to remake Congress and could even ensure that a genuine conservative challenges Obama for the presidency.

Just as the HHS mandate has aroused and united the Catholic Church against this despotic regime, we hope this tragic 5-4 ruling will rally all Americans to rid Washington of socialists and those concerned with nothing more than their own power and perquisites.  We must recommit to taking back our republic.  We must insist that our states nullify this law and reassert their sovereign rights.  It is a time for prayer and the selfless work that is a reflex of prayer.

The following statement released by Heritage Action America CEO, Michael A. Needham, sums it up for us:
“America’s system of checks and balances ensures the Supreme Court’s misguided decision will not be the final word on President Obama’s government takeover of the healthcare system.  Although the Court failed to provide a much-needed check on federal power, we have every bit of confidence the American people and their elected representatives will.
 “Indeed, since the debate began in August 2009, Americans have vocally opposed President Obama’s approach to health care, which remains unaffordable and irresponsible.  As such, Congress must repeal the law in its entirety.”


Anonymous said...

Yes, and a strong GOP congressional majority along with Romney as president should also tilt the balance of the Supreme Court - -and indeed the judiciary -- to true conservatism, especially given that pro-abort, Granny Ginsberg, is all but finished.

Daniel J. Cassidy said...

I hope you are right, Anon. You have more confidence in the GOP's "presumptive nominee" than I do.