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Monday, October 8, 2012

Foreign Money Pours In for the Kenyan

DonorGate Could Topple Obama

By Chris Zane

A scandal that is sure to topple the Obama campaign is in the works. According to political editor Guy Benson, Newsweek and The Daily Beast are about to drop a bombshell article exposing irregularities in Obama’s campaign donations, including overseas donations and use of unsecured and untraceable prepaid credit cards under phony names.

The source of all the funny money? Obama’s shady donate page on his website that allows contributors to donate without providing any of the normal fraud checks, such as verification of name, address, country of origin, and requiring the three digit security code.

Obama was embroiled in the same funny money contributions in 2008, including intelligence giant Stratfor revealing that Obama had received money from an unnamed Russian millionaire, but the mainstream media quietly swept it under the rug.

Will the mainstream media again cover for Obama or are they finally coming around to Obama’s illegal Chicago politics?

Further, one wonders if this same Russian connection is rearing its head again and is the reason Obama sold out U.S. missile defense to the Kremlin.

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