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Friday, November 30, 2012

Scottish Cardinal Talks About St Andrew's Day

From Vatican Radio 
The brother of Saint Peter, Andrew, whose feast day is marked on November 30th, is regarded as the first of the twelve apostles. Both Catholic and Orthodox Churches recognise St. Andrew’s feast day on this date, the traditional day of his martyrdom in Patras, Greece. Saint Andrew is also the patron saint of Scotland and some of his relics reside in the capital, Edinburgh. But how did the saint come to be associated with Scotland and how much do we know about his life and the history of his relics? Susy Hodges spoke to the leader of the Catholic Church in Scotland, Cardinal Keith Patrick O’Brien. His archdiocese includes not just Edinburgh but also the nearby city of St Andrews named after the saint.

Cardinal O'Brien says St. Andrew was noted "for his immediate response to Jesus' call" and how he brought his brother along as well and says the saint is distinguished for his fidelity to Christ. He also talks about how Pope Paul VI gave the late Scottish Cardinal Gray a body relic of Scotland's patron saint with the words: "Peter greets his brother Andrew."

Listen to Susy Hodges' full interview with Cardinal Keith Patrick O'Brien, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh: RealAudioMP3

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