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Sunday, May 20, 2018

Veni Creator Spiritus - Invocation of the Holy Spirit

Veni Creator Spiritus ("Come Creator Spirit") is a hymn believed to have been written by Rabanus Maurus in the 9th century. When the original Latin text is used, it is normally sung in Gregorian Chant. As an invocation of the Holy Spirit, in the Roman Catholic Church it is sung at the feast of Pentecost (Terce and Vespers). It is also sung at occasions such as the entrance of Cardinals to the Sistine Chapel, the election of a pope, as well as at the ordination of bishops and priests, at the sacrament of Confirmation, the dedication of churches, the celebration of synods or councils, the coronation of Kings and Queens, the profession of members of religious institutes and other similar solemn events. 

The hymn in English is also widely used in the Anglican Communion at the ordination of Bishops and Priests. 

Sung purely by les Moines bénédictin de l'abbaye Saint-Martin de Ligugé

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