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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Rudy Giuliani: Urban Legend

The Washington Post reports that the 280,000-member International Association of Firefighters (IAF), and a new video they have produced (see below), may become for Rudy Giuliani what the Swift Boat Veterans were for John Kerry. The thirteen minute video, addressed to firefighters throughout the US, reports how Giuliani's decisions resulted in the deaths of 343 firefighters. He then blamed the firefighters for their own deaths. The IAF has also established a web site:

It is incredible that Giuliani,who could not have been reelected Mayor of New York City, who is estranged from his children because of philandering and the pain he caused their mother, and who was deemed too liberal for statewide office in New York, is now endorsed by South Carolina Republicans for the Presidency of the United States. The men whose boots were on the ground on 9/11 are determined to tell the truth about this urban legend and prevent that tragedy.


Anonymous said...

I agree that Rudy is too liberal. BUT...our government is broken and he has demonstrated in NY that he can fix broken government. I am tired or lib vs conserative...I think we need the nuts and bolts of govt to work.
We are at a crossroads, with few leaders anywhere to be seen. Maybe we have to settle for someone that can "make the railroad run on time".

Anonymous said...

"makes the railroad run on time"?
OUCH...I thought that credit was originally ascribed to the founding father of Fascism. No thanks. I see the comment was posted 14 July...Bastille Day. France was plunged into over 25 years of war for the sake of pragmatic secular rationalism then. I suggest we seek other alternatives...Our Founding Fathers left us many good ideas to "retap" into.