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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mormon Leaders Accused of Billion Dollar Gold Theft

Zions Bank

 Buying a Stairway to Heaven?

By Paul Drockton

The following information is from phone interview conducted with Steve Davis on 6/22/11.

Clyde Davis was tied in with the Rothschilds and the Mormon Church. In fact when a member of the Swiss Rothschild family converted to Mormonism off of a missionary contact, it was Clyde Davis that met him at the airport. That same Rothschild cut a check for $100 million dollars to the Church to pay off a loan from the Rockefellers. The LDS Church apparently bought the Florida Ranch ( a massive property now used for a Church owned cattle ranch) with the expectation of reselling to Walt Disney. When good old Walt (whose wife was apparently Mormon) died instead, the crushing debt almost destroyed the Salt Lake based Church. (Source)

Now the plot thickens.

It seems that Robert Vincent de Oliverri, the Rothschild-Mormon convert,  wanted to transfer 1,000 metric tons of gold from Geneva Switzerland to Iron Mountain in New York. The contract is public record (see Kentucky: Drake Dray Cutt Corporation-Fred Haydock). Fred Haydock, who owned the transfer contract, a Board member of Steve's company (Kanco), was given 250,000 shares of Steve's company in exchange for the lucrative contract.

Kanco (Steve Davis owned 60% of the company's stock), was in possession of a newly found gold mine that made the stock one of the hottest to own at the time.

According to Mr. Davis, when Fred Haydock went to Geneva, Switzerland, he was reportedly met by George Bush and an aide named Steven Studdart (Mormon). Fred Haydock signed over the transfer agreement to a banker who represented Zion's Bank. Apparently, 1.04 billion dollars in immediate commissions went directly to Zions Bank for a finders fee.

According to Steve, the Mormon Church was still a major shareholder in the bank, and leading Apostles, Gordon B Hinckley, Boyd K Packer, Russell M Nelson, Dallin H Oaks were on the Board of Zion's Bank when the theft of his contract occurred.

The event described happened during the Fall of 1985. Purportedly, Bush and Studdart's Geneva trip are well documented and a part of the Iran-Contra Congressional Hearings. Apparently, 3.5 trillion dollars ran through Fred Haydock's account. One of the largest money laundering operations in American history. This amount was purportedly verified by former Reagan White House official and Steve Davis Attorney, Paul Young.

At least a portion of this money funded Iran-Contra, with its ties to Adnan Kashoggi and George HW Bush, and now the leadership of the Mormon Church.

It gets more interesting. Steve claims that thousands of tons of gold were in fact brought to the United States through Zions Bank and the Rothschilds. This gold, Steve claims, ended up in the Granite Mountain Vaults owned by the Mormon Church. Thousands of metric tons of gold, sitting in the vaults of the Mormon Church could explain why the leadership is so willing to support corrupt individuals like the Cannons, Marriots, Eccles, Bush, Cheney, Reid, Hatch, Huntsmans and Romney.

The $20 billion in reported commissions from the transactions to Zions Bank probably didn't hurt much either. Steve claims that the Mormon Leadership, which sat on the Board of Directors at Zions, were also able to upgrade their homes and lifestyles considerably.

All this raises other questions as well:

1. Why was Zions Bank recently fined 7 million dollars for money laundering for alleged narcotics operations?

2. Why is the Mormon Church supportive of Gay Rights all of a sudden? In Salt Lake and the rest of Utah, Gay Rights ordinances were formally endorsed by the Mormon Church leadership.

3. Why is the Mormon Church so determined to stop the Enforcement of United States Immigration Laws?  Why do they lobby for Welfare and other benefits from the American taxpayer for those that are in this country illegally? Why do they oppose helping people gain citizenship through the legal and lawful processes that have worked for millions of Americans?

4. Why did the Church suppress the Glen Pace memo that exposed hundreds of Satanic Ritual Abuse cases in Utah? Why hasn't the Church come out against the practice of Satanism by some of its members?

5. Why is BYU a breeding ground for Satanic Psychopaths that want to lead us into their one world order?

6. What role did the Church leadership play in the Salt Lake Olympics bribery scandal? Why didn't the Church demand prosecution for those on the organizing committee?

7. Why does the Church refuse to open its financial records to the general membership? What debts are owed by the Church? To whom and how much?

8. Who are the stockholders in the Corporation of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints?

9. Why did the Church spend billions on a retail mall during this depression? How much have they spent on food and other supplies for a time of need that will shortly be upon us?

10. Why the donations to the United Nations and Ted Turner's charities?

11. Why was a CFR member the Editor of the Mormon Newspaper?

12. Who recruited the underage female "escorts" given to visiting delegates from the International Olympic Committee?

The list is as long as this website. So much support for evil men with ill intentions. No support for those of us that oppose evil and are trying to save this wretched world from the grasp of tyrants and thieves. Meanwhile, members are told that they should not question authority, or demand an accounting of those that are running their Church.

Perhaps we do get the leadership we collectively deserve.


spencer said...

Thank you

concerned member said...

The Mormons are loosing it they have asked members to go along with the mask hoax too

Jon Bystrom said...

I've asked those same question and found the answers and it isn't pretty. It's outright evil. Condemnation upon church is in effect since June 27, 1844, Nauvoo. LANDLORDS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER - PART IV MORMON MAFIA & THE DEMOCRATS (1 OF 6)

concerned citizen said...

I have a question concerning the exchange of the transfer contract from Fred Haydock to Kanco for 250,000 shares of the Kanco company. In Geneva, however, Fred Haydock signed the transfer agreement over to a representative of Zions Bank. If the agreement was between Haydock and Kanco, how did Zions Bank get involved or even know what was happening? Also, I am unclear on how it was that George Bush and his aide Steven Studdart were the ones Haydock first met when arriving in Geneva.

Please understand that I am not trying to challenge this article in any way. I just want to be clear on what happened and how the theft and money laundering occurred.

Anonymous said...

Also, why is one of the apostles, Gerrit Gong, a (former) member of CFR?