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Saturday, August 11, 2007

The Friends of Rudy Giuliani

First he was endorsed by indicted former South Carolina State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel. Then the former State Superintendent of Education, for the state with the lowest SAT scores, climbed on the Giuliani bandwagon. Now Rudy has the help of a new video produced by Gays for Giuliani. The video references the former Mayor's support for domestic partnership legislation, civil unions, and other elements of the gay rights agenda.

When videos are produced by other Giuliani allies and causes -- People for Partial Birth Abortion, Gun Control Advocates of America, the National Abortion Rights Action League, Adulterers Anonymous, the Divorce Lawyers of America, or Heather's Two Mommies -- you can count on finding them here.


Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder why the former DeMint staffer famous for the "dyke" email is working the Guilini campaign in SC. Maybe the cat's changed it's strypes.

Anonymous said...

Bahahahaha, now that is funny. I am sure the Romney team has a hand on that one or the Democrats. I would wager on Romney though being behind this group.

Watch Rudy's poll numbers in the south go through the floor.