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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Expert: Obama's Fake Birth Certificate Forged From Original of a Woman

Part of Techdude's analysis showing artifacts of the original Certificate of
Live Birth image used in the fabrication of the Barack Obama forgery.

By Israel Insider Staff
Originally Published August 4, 2008

As Barack Obama turns 47 today, a document expert claims that his "birth certificate" was forged from an original belonging to a woman born in the 1970s. Informed sources says that while she was not born in Hawaii, she had a Hawaiian certificate of live birth (COLB) The expert, who goes by the pseudonym Techdude after being threatened, says he has decrypted the identity of the owner of the original image from artifacts in the image claimed as authentic by the Obama campaign and says he will publish the name unless the guilty parties "fess up."

Techdude, posting in the Texas Darling blog, continued his devastating deconstruction of the Obama COLB image originally posted by the left-wing KOS blog and then adopted as genuine by the official Obama "Fight the Smears" website. He answered critics of his previous analysis that revealed the Hawaiian COLB image as a "horrible forgery" -- which, among other anomalies displayed a "security border" blatantly different than any other used by the State of Hawaii and showing a "ghost" of the previous security border used as a template in preparing the forgery.

In his latest post, Techdude claims to provide "proof, beyond any doubt, that the KOS COLB is a digitally modified forgery ... based on another individual's post-2006 COLB." The evidence consists of some one hundred graphical artifacts of the source document along with instructions for reconstructing the text of the original "like in a jigsaw puzzle." He writes: "many of the remnants of the letters that were deleted, are still visible and can be "resurrected" by simply matching new text like a jigsaw puzzle to fit into the artifacts left after they were previously erased. In the areas that have not been completely covered over by the new KOS text it takes only a few minutes to accurately reconstruct them."

Among the pieces he says is discernible in the gender field of the source image is "FEMALE" not "MALE." Lest one believe that the presumptive presidential candidate had a sex-change operation, Techdude clarifies that it is not Barack Obama.

But Techdude claims to have more. Tantalizingly, he claims that he has discerned the actual identity of the owner of the original document and to have filled in the original names and dates.

That said, and in the interest of fairness, if the people responsible for forging the COLB come forward and admit their liability the name of the original COLB owner will not be released publicly. It is only fair to give the guilty parties a chance to take responsibility for their actions before it embarrasses a lot of people and ruins some people's reputations.

As a heads up to the guilty parties -- the names and dates have already been restored -- as has the fact the owner is a female born in the 70's. That is all that will be revealed publicly for now. Besides if I turn up in a ditch someplace the information is already in a few 3rd party hands and they will just release it in my place.

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs blog is apparently one of the people who has been made privy to the alleged name of the COLB owner: she calls it's a "jawdropper". In the right-wing blogosphere, there is rampant speculation about the possible identity of the owner of the original COLB used in the forgery. Front-runner in the guesstimations is Obama's sister Maya Soetoro-Ng, who has been reported as either being born in Indonesia in 1970 or Hawaii in 1971. Larry Johnson, owner of the No Quarter blog and privy to the woman's identity, hinted that the mystery female was not born in Hawaii but had a Hawaiian birth document, unusual circumstances that would fit Obama's sister.

Meanwhile, Bill Clinton made an intriguing turn of phrase when he said, during a trip to Africa: "I never was mad at Sen. Obama," the former president said. "I think everybody's got a right to run for president who qualifies under the Constitution. And I'd be the last person to begrudge anybody their ambition." Even Snopes has accepted that Obama cannot qualify for the presidency based on his mother's citizenship. He must be born in the United States to be a "natural born citizen." If this latest analysis is borne out as true, and the certificate of live birth was derived from a lady, whether it's his sister or not, Sen. Obama will have a lot of explaining to do.

This is the seventh of a series on the purported Obama birth certificate. Here's where you can find Part 1, 2, 3 4, 5, 6, and 7.


Findalis said...

Bet you any amount of money that Obama has a Kenyan Birth Certificate and not an Hawaiian one.

Anonymous said...

If Findalis is right, Mr. Obama could be charged with fraud or something like that. I don't think he is that crazy.


Anonymous said...

Do your research people. That's NOT the picture of Obama's birth certificate issued by Obama's campaign. The real one is here:

Daniel J. Cassidy said...

Zach, you may want to do a bit more research. I would suggest you take a look at Part 1 of this series. The link is at the bottom of the story.

Anonymous said...

Obama's mother's original Social Security Number Application'sssapplication.html

The Munz said...

If there is evidence that can be documented and the pieces can be put together that this is a forged doc and the actual name can be pulled from it.
Send it to one of the lawyers who is currently fighting Obama in court over the issue.

Do not hold onto it, forget everything else, safety will be in letting the cat out of the bag asap.

Marlio said...

From what I understand obamas mother and grandmother were scammers. Obamas mother brought him back to Hawaii when he was 10, because welfare had reached the state of Hawaii, and they could take advantage of it since obama was illegal. Thats the reason he could afford to go to the private high school. Then when his mom found out, obama could milk the system for a free college education, she submitted his school records from Indonesia to Occidental and found out there would be no problems, except for the birth certificate. So his mom stated, they never received the orginal birth certificate, but just the COLB and Occidental Bought it. So Obama ended up scamming the Rothchilds and Ford Foundation, who supposedly was scamming Hawaii. So the scammer, out scammed the other scammers and ended up President. MOst of the pOliticians in washington, Rothchild and Ford Foundations all know Obama is a fraud but want to keep this covered up as Obama is only the tip of the Iceberg and many be would be indicted for fraud, if this is exposed.