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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Send Goober Grahamnesty Packing

It becomes clearer by the day that John McCain did his candidacy a great favor by "crossing the aisle" to the conservatives of his party and selecting a running mate with whom the base is not only comfortable, but enthusiastically embraces.

Consider what the outcome might have been had he heeded the advice of South Carolina's Lindsey Graham and chosen the pro-abortion liberal, Senator Joe Lieberman. Graham, never one to concern himself with the views of those fool enough to vote for him, wanted McCain to shake up the political landscape by choosing a man who has earned an "F" from the National Rifle Association and "zeroes" from the National Right to Life Committee, the Christian Coalition and the American Conservative Union.
Take away Lieberman's hawkish votes on Iraq and any legislation benefiting Israel, and Al Gore's running mate is more liberal than half of his Democrat colleagues and all Republicans. He earns from the ADA a score of 80, the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) award him an 86, and the American Civil Liberties Union an 83.

South Carolina's Republican Senator would turn his back on the Republican Party, as he has turned his back on his own electorate, to support a liberal, pro-choice, anti-Second Amendment, Democrat for the VP nominee of the Republican Party.
Such a decision would likely have resulted in a floor fight and a walk-out on the part of many conservative Republicans. It would have left the base dispirited and in quest of third party candidates, and millions of Republicans would have stayed home on election day.

After outspending his Republican Primary opponent by 9 to 1, one-third of South Carolina Republicans voted against their incumbent Senator. On primary night Graham was not chastened; he rather took the victory as encouragement for even more defiance of South Carolina views and values. This is a man we need to unload now before he does even more damage and becomes more entrenched.

Fortunately, Senator McCain ignored the advice of his "Mini Me" and chose a running mate that inspires Republicans and independents. But South Carolina should think long and hard before renewing Graham's contract. We can hope that McCain might relieve the state of this embarrassment and give Grahamnesty a federal appointment; but we "bigots" who actually believe that US sovereignty, borders and laws should be respected, should not pass up the opportunity to send a message to all RINO's.

We have in Bob Conley someone who will defend the US border, support US-first trade policies and end the outsourcing of US industry and jobs. Conley supports the Fair Tax, will restore sound, honest money, and halt the fall of the dollar. Conley will oppose predatory lending practices, end the Wall Street bailouts, and put a lid on massive expenditures at home and abroad. Most importantly, he is committed to the strict interpretation of the Constitution - the rights of states and individuals, and will work to restore the federal government to its proper role and size.

Goober Grahmnesty, if in nothing else, has been straight about where he stands. It is time South Carolina sent him packing.


Anonymous said...

Great article! I would rather vote for a solid, conservative Democrat In Name Only (DINO), than the liberal RINO, Grahmnesty!

Anonymous said...

The REAL "maverick" in this race is Bob Conley! (See: NumbersSCcom for printable poster.)

Bob Conley is willing to defy the political establishments of both major parties.

Strangely enough, it seems that traitor Lindsey Graham has, with the political deftness of his sociopathic criminal mind, bought the upper tier of Democrats in this state with our taxpayer money for their districts. The rank and file, however, won't stand for Graham's policing the world at taxpayer's cost in blood and money.

Bob Conley brings the people, the US citizens of this state back into the equation. Finally WE will get our views represented in D.C.

MAKE WASHINGTON, D.C. TREMBLE! Kick Graham out with a boot so far up his rear that he won't know whether to *^&% or whine!

Seriously, just THINK of the message that our small state will send to other politicians thinking of supporting renewed attempts at amnesty by the traitors in Congress.

Let's show them that it doesn't matter how much money is thrown at us, Lindsey is a loser and we won't stand for his continued presence in the U.S. Senate.