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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Post-American Century: The Emergence of a New World Order?

Dr. Robert D. Crane was a key player when America's foreign policy of the last half century was being established. He is a co-founder of the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) and was the principal foreign policy adviser to Richard Nixon from 1962 until he assumed the presidency in January 1969. He was then appointed Deputy Director for Planning at the National Security Council, a position he held for one day until an old nemesis and the Council's Director, Henry Kissinger, fired him.

Crane, who is a cousin of former Republican US Representatives Phil and Dan Crane, is also an American Muslim who has been an activist in Muslim affairs since the early 1980's. He heads his own research center, the Center for Policy Research, located in Santa Fe, New Mexico and is an editor for the online magazine The American Muslim.

In October Dr. Crane gave an extraordinary talk at the London Muslim Centre. That talk provides an overview of the American foreign policy establishment and the policies that they are imposing on the world. Crane confirms all the worst fears of paleo-conservatives -- that an unelected elite operating above politics, yet shaping the policies of both political parties, is moving the world toward what Henry Kissinger calls the "new architecture" of one-world government.

Whatever one may think of Crane and his views, this is a "must read" article for anyone interested in geo-politics and the forces that are shaping a "new world order." Dr. Crane's address entitled "Post-American Century: The Emergence of a New World Order?" was delivered at the London Muslim Centre on October 19, 2008, at a seminar convened by The Centre for the Study of Terrorism with the Islamic Forum for Europe.

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