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Thursday, August 6, 2009

High taxes = New American 'Slave Master'

From OneNewsNow
By Pete Chagnon

A black radio talk-show host says high taxes are the new "slave masters" in America. Herman Cain is the CEO and president of the New Voice, Inc., and also a conservative talk-radio host. On Wednesday, Cain gave a rousing speech at the 31st Young America's Foundation Conservative Student Conference on the campus of George Washington University.

Amidst a standing ovation, Cain shouted from the podium that conservatives will not surrender. He went on to say that in this era of entitlement, Americans need to realize they were granted the right to pursue happiness -- but never guaranteed the right to happiness.

Herman Cain (New Voice, Inc.)"In the Declaration of Independence, you don't stop there -- keep reading! The next paragraph says: When any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish them," he noted. "So when you hear some of your friends asking, 'What can we do?' -- Tell them: keep reading!"

While he acknowledged he was not born into slavery, the conservative commentator shared that he does know something about it. "The tax code has become the present day slave master for all of us!" said Cain. "Abolish it!"

According to Cain, conservatives need to stop the liberal express that is currently destroying America.

Healthcare reform - 'Bailout' for Planned Parenthood

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, also spoke Wednesday to young conservatives attending the conference. He said it was time to have a frank conversation about the legacy of Ronald Reagan and the conservative movement -- a legacy that is being handed over to their generation.

"You know that you are heirs to a great tradition, a legacy," he pointed out. "And that tradition was captured in the run for office made by the most consequential president of the 20th century -- Ronald Reagan."

Perkins drew loud applause when he told the audience that Reagan believed the United States would never be a civil country as long as abortion is legal. Abortion seemed to be a hot topic yesterday, even during the question-and-answer time when a single mother told Perkins that she was tired of having her tax dollars pay for abortions.

Tony Perkins"I want my tax dollars to go to women who are doing what's morally right," said the woman. "I want to be able to set them up for success, not set them up for failure -- and I don't really feel like our country is helping us do that."

Perkins' reply: "I don't know that I could respond to that," he shared. "You stated it so succinctly -- and in fact, if you're concerned about that, you should be very concerned about this healthcare bill that's being pushed through Congress. I mean, this is a 'Planned Parenthood bailout bill.' They are going to receive millions of more tax dollars through this."

Another student stated that she was rethinking her choice to become a healthcare provider if the healthcare bill passes -- especially if nurses and doctors with ethics will be forced to perform procedures they do not agree with such as abortions.

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