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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Christian's Speech Deemed 'Hateful Propaganda'

From OneNewsNow
By Charlie Butts

speechA Christian student in the Los Angeles Community College District is carrying his free-speech case to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Jonathan Lopez had an assignment in a public speaking class and was required to give an informative speech on any topic. Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney David Hacker tells OneNewsNow that Lopez chose to speak about his Christian beliefs. "And during that speech, when he mentioned that marriage is between a man and a woman according to his Christian beliefs, the professor called him this horrible name, refused to let him finish the assignment, and told other students in the class, 'If you're offended, you can leave,'" Hacker explains.

David Hacker  (ADF)When no students left, the professor dismissed the class. Hacker adds that Lopez is an "A" student -- "but the problem is he never got a grade on that informative speech, and in fact, the professor wrote on his evaluation form, 'Ask God what your grade is.'"

The ADF attorney argues that demonstrates the hostility towards religion on many college campuses. The lower court in Los Angeles issued a preliminary injunction against the school, saying its speech code -- allowing administrators to punish Lopez's "hateful propaganda" -- is unconstitutional. That has been appealed to the Ninth Circuit.

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CATRYNA49 said...

What a bigot that Professor is. I'm glad the whole class remained in their seats when he gave them the option to leave if they were offended by their classmates speech. That showed him how they felt, although he didn't like it. Too bad. That professor has a big problem and should be suspended, for his rotten behavior.