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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Obama's Voters and Civic Literacy

For reasons painfully apparent in the following video, we've never been keen on pressuring the indifferent and the ignorant to turn out and vote. In 2008, the Intercollegiate Studies Institute surveyed a random, representative sample of 2,508 American adults. Respondents were asked thirty-three questions (click here to see the questions and take the quiz yourself), many drawn from U.S. naturalization exams and U.S. Department of Education high school progress tests (NAEP). Seventy-one percent of Americans failed this basic test. The overall average score was only 49%, with college graduates also failing at 57%.

We'd be willing to bet that most of the folks in the following video voted for Obama. The Obama, Pelosi and Reid ruling troika depends on this kind of ignorance.

Just as mastery of basic driving rules and skills is required before one is given the privilege to drive on public roads, a basic test like ISI's should be required of anyone wishing to choose America's leaders.

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