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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Judge Andrew Napolitano on the High Cost of Government Control

As America looks for yet another "strongman" to stand up to our adversaries and resolve our economic problems, Judge Napolitano is the kind of thoughtful conservative with an appreciation for constitutional first principles and what Russell Kirk called the "permanent things" that we would like to see in the White House.  

In the following video, Napolitano explains how politicians have sacrificed individual liberty and both fiscal and monetary solvency in order to gain greater control over society.  That, of course, is the concern of the Tea Party Movement, and why that movement is vital in coming elections and to the future of our country.

We will be at the Peace Center in Greenville on Thursday for the first GOP presidential debate.  We hope there will be at least one candidate who recognizes  that government exists to secure "unalienable rights" given by God, not to create ever greater dependency on government. The current economic crisis is a symptom of the failure to transmit the truth about our history, founding documents and national purpose.

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