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Friday, December 16, 2011

Mike Huckabee Rallies Conservatives to US Senate Candidate Gary Glenn

On November 9th, Mike Huckabee endorsed Gary Glenn's candidacy for US Senate.  Today the former governor of Arkansas flew to Michigan and joined Gary Glenn and hundreds of supporters at a rally in Birch Run.

Glenn is one of eight candidates in the race for the Republican nomination in Michigan, but recent straw poll victories, a viral web ad and Mike Huckabee's endorsement has helped fundraising.  Tea party and GOP leaders across Michigan have taken notice of Glenn's surging campaign.

Governor Huckabee told the mid-Michigan crowd that "Gary Glenn is not a person who needs this job, but he's a person who this job needs." Huckabee praised Glenn as a man whose votes will be guided by eternal principles he's always had ... he won't be a part of their club, he'll always be a part of yours."

Learn more at www.GaryGlenn.US

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