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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

National Right to Work PAC Supports Gary Glenn for US Senate

The free and prosperous nation handed down to us by our parents and the generations that came before them is at imminent risk of being damaged beyond repair, and the monopoly stranglehold Big Labor bosses have on our federal, state and local government budgets -- and on most Democrats and too many Republicans -- is largely to blame.

In the face of that threat, we have a rare opportunity to send to Washington a man who throughout his adult life has uncompromisingly and unflinchingly championed the Right to Work principle, who's stood up to union bosses before and beat their compulsory dues-funded machine.

It is urgent that you join me today in making the largest campaign contribution you can afford today to Gary Glenn for U.S. Senate.

You can contribute online at or send a check to:

Gary Glenn for U.S. Senate
PO Box 1027
Midland, Michigan 48641

I have personally already sent Gary's campaign the largest check I could afford. The legal maximum is $2,500 per person.

But whatever amount you can afford, large or small, please stand with me and the Right to Work principle by helping Gary's campaign today.

Let me explain why I feel so strongly about Gary's campaign.

Gary Glenn joined the Right to Work team thirty-three years ago, when he was hired right out of college to help pass a Right to Work law in the state of Idaho.

From 1980 to 1986, Gary served as executive director of the Idaho Freedom to Work Committee, skillfully promoting the Right to Work principle in the state legislature and in the face of a hostile media.

By the time Gary was through, a whopping 75 percent of the Idaho Legislature voted in favor of Right to Work, enough to override a Democratic governor's veto in 1985. And when union officials forced the issue onto the November 1986 ballot for repeal, and outspent Right to Work supporters 3-to-1, Gary and his committed band of freedom fighters won the day nonetheless, leaving Idaho union bosses' compulsory "pay up or you're fired" racket on the ash heap of history.

Gary and epic Hollywood actor Charlton Heston -- who Gary first recruited to appear in television ads supporting Idaho's Right to Work law -- were named co-recipients of the Freedom Fighter of the Year award by the Center for the Study of Market Alternatives, a free market think tank at the College of Idaho. (See the photo of Gary and Right to Work champion Charlton Heston below.)

Before his death, Heston said about Gary:

"America needs more leaders who share Idaho's traditional values, leaders like Gary Glenn. I've stood with Gary before to defend our freedoms. He tells the truth, and he fights for it. I support Gary Glenn because I know him. I know him to be an honest man and a good man. I trust Gary Glenn to represent…all of us in the United States Congress."

I agree with Charlton Heston, and I strongly urge you to stand with me and thousands of other Right to Work supporters by making the largest contribution you can today to Gary's campaign.

Not only did Gary lead the successful Right to Work drive in Idaho, he also traveled the country to help freedom-loving Americans promote Right to Work in other states.

In the early 1980s, he helped promote Right to Work in the legislatures of Delaware and New Hampshire and New Mexico. In 1983, he worked at National Right to Work Committee headquarters in Washington, D.C., helping us push the employee freedom principle in Congress.

In 1985, he led a team of pro-Right to Work activists who rushed to Louisiana to successfully block repeal of that state's Right to Work law, and in 2001, he consulted on the campaign that succeeded in enacting Oklahoma's Right to Work law.

For over three decades, Gary has been a champion of the Right to Work principle. He is battle-tested. He does not compromise. He does not flinch in taking on union bosses and their compulsory dues-funded machine.

And now, having moved to Michigan in the 1990s, Gary is a candidate for the United States Senate.

Not one of those squeamish Republican handwringers who runs from the Right to Work issue, Gary Glenn instead is running on the Right to Work issue, even in a historically Big Labor state like Michigan.

In fact, in every stump speech Gary makes, passing a state and national Right to Work law is the first step of his plan to help Michigan and America recover economically, be more attractive to new plant site locations, and create more higher-paying jobs.

Plus, Gary has already pledged in writing and repeatedly in public that if elected, he will join Senators Jim DeMint, Rand Paul, and Mike Lee in cosponsoring the National Right to Work Act, to end the scourge of compulsory unionism and restore individual employee freedom in all fifty states.

As I said, it's rare to have the chance to elect one of our own to a position like the United States Senate, someone we can trust, someone we won't have to lobby to do the right thing – in other words, not just a supporter of the Right to Work principle, but a leader.

That's why I'm writing today, to urge you to join me today in giving $2,500 or $2,000 or $1,500 or $1,000 or $500 or $100 or $50 -- whatever you can afford -- to Gary Glenn for U.S. Senate, and please pass this letter on to your friends and family and urge them to stand with us in supporting Gary.

The fact that Gary is so good on Right to Work is not the only reason it's so vitally important that you and I support Gary in the Republican U.S. Senate primary in Michigan

It's that his opponents -- Pete Hoekstra in the Republican primary, and the liberal Democrat incumbent Debbie Stabenow in the November 2012 general election – are both so bad on Right to Work

Throughout their political careers, both Hoekstra and Stabenow have been endorsed and funded by Jimmy Hoffa, Jr. and other Teamsters union bosses.

Hoffa told ABC News in 2000: "Because of our contact with Hoekstra, he has now taken himself out of any endorsement of national Right to Work laws."

New Republic magazine reported in 2002 that "Hoekstra has become Hoffa's greatest booster."

According to Teamster bosses' own website, Hoekstra in 2006 "lauded the Teamsters…at the union's 27th International Convention for being 'the voice of America's workers' with the unique ability to get things done. American workers need a voice for equality and fairness, and that's you,' Hoekstra told the more than 7,000 convention delegates." Hoffa called Hoekstra in return "a true friend of the Teamsters."

In 2009, Hoekstra said on a public TV talk show in Michigan: "I think it would be a bad idea to put (Right to Work) on the ballot. I don't know if it would pass or not. I'd probably not vote for it."

During the 2010 race for governor, the Center for Michigan reported that Hoekstra was the only Republican candidate who — in response to the candidate survey question, "Should Michigan become a Right-to-Work state?" — joined Democratic gubernatorial candidates in answering "no."

Veteran political reporter Tim Skubick wrote during the 2010 gubernatorial race that Hoekstra's "close relationship with Teamster's head Jimmy Hoffa Jr. is Hoekstra's ace in the hole." Thankfully, Hoekstra lost.

But even worse than just opposing Right to Work protections for American employees, Hoekstra joined Big Labor bosses in trying to expand the reach of compulsory unionism

Hoekstra in 2007 joined Stabenow and then Sen. Barack Obama in cosponsoring legislation that by federal mandate would have forced every state and every county, city, township, and village in America to unionize its firefighters, police officers, and paramedics – funneling hundreds of millions of more dues dollars from public employees into the coffers of AFSCME, SEIU, and Teamsters union bosses.

Our choice couldn't be clearer in Michigan's U.S. Senate race, and the need for our help more urgent:

* Gary Glenn, a life-long champion of Right to Work and employee freedom of choice
* Pete Hoekstra and Debbie Stabenow, two union boss-backed politicians who not only oppose Right to Work but schemed with Obama to try to expand forced unionism to every community in America.

Thank you for your faithful support of Right to Work and employee freedom in the past, and thank you in advance for standing with me today to help Gary Glenn in his campaign for U.S. Senator from Michigan.

Yours for freedom,

Greg Mourad
National Right to Work Committee PAC

P.S. Electing a Right to Work champion like Gary Glenn to the U.S. Senate is a rare opportunity, and one that would send shock waves through the corridors of both Congress and at Big Labor bosses' compulsory dues-funded headquarters down the street.

I've already contributed to Gary's campaign. Please join me by giving the maximum contribution you can afford today – whether it's $2,500 or $2,000 or $1,500 or $1,000 or $500 or $50 – to support Gary's campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Indiana becoming a Right-to-Work (RTW) is a big deal, especially as Indy is a Midwest industrial state.

Among other things, Indiana's action can't but have ripple effects in neighboring states like Ohio and Michigan.

And I find it nothing short of amazing how the situation with Big Labor has so quickly turned around.

In 2008, Labor thought it was in the catbird seat what with a Pelosi/Reid congress and a radical liberal in the presidency.

But the rise of the Tea Party has swept that all away. Strong conservative governors and legislatures were elected in 2010, and they -- some out of budget necessity, some out of conviction -- began serious labor reforms in Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, Indiana, Virginia, Flordia.

Make no mistake about it. Big Labor is on the ropes, both in the private sector and the public one.

Union bosses will fight like the dickins to perserve the status quo. But the fact is that they are on a downward trajectory and there is little they can be done to reverse the trend.