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Friday, February 3, 2012

Polls Show Obama Heading For A LANDSLIDE Defeat

16 Polls Show Obama Heading For A LANDSLIDE Defeat

Every month there are more signs pointing to a landslide loss for Barack Obama and his Democrat Party. Contrary to the fearful tormented “feelings” of those who despise Obama but are “sure” he will be reelected, he won’t be reelected.

The numbers against Obama are piling up. The charges that he is not in fact eligible to be our president are beginning to get traction and could conceivably lead to continued legal problems. Even impeachment for his blatant violation of the Georgia judge’s legal order to appear must now be considered.

Obama’s “roll” was over the moment the polls closed in 2008.

In Georgia Republican Senator Saxby Chambliss who was forced into a runoff because he failed to get 50% cruised to a 58/42 victory just a month later when Obama’s voting children and minorities decided to stay home. As it turned out, this wasn’t a blip on our screens. It was a sign of things to come.

In 2009 the Democrats were publicly CERTAIN things would turn around and talked tough about “running the table” predicting they would win all three of the closely watched elections. They lost both gubernatorial races (Virginia and New Jersey) and won a rare three way House special election in New York.

Obama’s voting children and minorities stayed home again.

In 2010 the TEA party movement appeared and marched toward the polls, but Obama’s supporters stayed home again and watched Republicans picked up 65 House and 6 Senate seats.

In 2011 the few elections held around the country showed the trend was growing deeper and taking hold across all regions (except the North) and the majority of voting blocks.

Now we hear Rasmussen report that while 35.9% call themselves Republicans a record low (32.5%) self- identify as Democrats.

If Barack Obama gets kicked off even a few state ballots it will send a clear message to down ballot Democrats that they will have to spend all their time defending him rather than campaigning.

Couple this with a 26 point voter enthusiasm edge for Republicans and we are seeing a landslide developing. What else could we call it?

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