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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Weak Tea

What Happened to the Tea Party Taking Back its Government?


Nikki Haley was "TEA Party" when it served her ambitions.

Two years to the day since Alvin Greene became a household name, all 170 seats in the S.C. House and Senate were up for grabs on June 12 in what should have been a watershed moment for the tea party movement. With a governor they’d elected in the Governor’s Mansion, it was an opportunity for tea partiers to remake the state GOP in their own image. Instead, it was a washout.

Voter turnout was historically low. Hundreds of candidates were kicked off the ballot in the weeks leading up to the state’s June primary.

Reasons vary for why the movement failed to mobilize a groundswell of anti-incumbent fervor that could have reshaped South Carolina’s power structure in one of the most tea party-saturated states in the nation. 

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