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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Senator Lee Bright Considers Primary Challenge to Lindsey Graham

Senator Lee Bright
We are delighted that conservative and well-respected Senator Lee Bright is considering a primary challenge to South Carolina's traitorous Senator, Lindsey Graham.  Just about any political figure in South Carolina would be an improvement over John McCain's shoeshine boy, and all that we know about Senator Bright suggests that he is a principled, movement conservative in the mold of Senator Jim DeMint.  We'd like to see who enters the race before committing.  We know of a very gifted former county chairman who would make a superb United States Senator.  But one thing is for certain -- we will enthusiastically support the conservative in the race with the best chance of defeating the disgraceful quisling who supports so much that South Carolinians oppose.

Senator Graham may have stockpiled millions for the race, but he is a known quantity and we won't be fooled again by hollow, pre-election, conservative rhetoric and saber-rattling.  South Carolina needs two votes in the United States Senate, not one cancelling out the other.

It looked on Friday as if Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., might have avoided a primary in 2014, as one of the only remaining potential challengers, state Sen. Tom Davis, decided to take a pass on the Senate race. But on Monday, state Sen. Lee Bright, a fiscal conservative who was recently supported by former Rep. Ron Paul, R-Texas, for reelection, announced that he is seriously looking at the race.

Bright told Hotline On Call that while Graham did "a wonderful job" during his first six years in Congress, the Republican has moderated his views since he moved to the Senate. "I just don't feel like he represents the interests of South Carolina," Bright said, citing Graham's position on immigration and climate change.

Bright said that he is not yet "100 percent certain" that he'll get into the race, but felt the need to step up after Davis, the entire congressional delegation and a host of other potential challengers indicated that they would not run against Graham. Bright said he is speaking to Republicans throughout the state, including major donors and grassroots groups who would help knock on doors, and that he would made a decision in the next 60 to 90 days.
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beagle said...

Now watch as the Rove-Romney-Fox-NRO types on him and tries to shame him for actually having principles. Maybe The American 'Conservative' (ha) will scold him too.