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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

It’s Time to Take the Car Keys from Lindsey Graham and John McCain

From United Liberty

John McCain and Lindsey Graham

It happens in every family at some point. Grandpa has been driving for so much of his life, but as he becomes unsafe behind the wheel, the kids have to step in and take away his car keys.

More often than not, he’ll resist. He wants to control his life, though he doesn’t see the danger he causes when he’s driving. The family has to step in with a bit of an intervention, and Grandpa has to be forced usual space in the driver’s seat.

The Republican Party is in a similar situation. Grandpas McCain and Graham are growing increasingly dangerous behind the wheel of the Party every day. They’ve been driving things in the Party too long, and their reckless behavior puts the Party in jeopardy.

This is, of course, in the wake of what happened after Senator Rand Paul’s filibuster last week, but Graham and McCain have been out of control behind the wheel of the Republican Party for some time.

Recent quotes from the senators about Paul’s filibuster have been awkward and unusual at best. Referring to filibuster supporters as “wacko birds” and “impressionable libertarian kids” shows McCain’s senility. Graham called the filibuster supporters paranoid and openly sided with President Obama on the issue.

Beyond making silly quotes and siding with the opposition, Graham and McCain are trying to squash what Republicans now have that they have been longing for since before McCain’s presidential run: excitement.

After a lackluster eight years of President Bush, we’ve had two of the least inspiring presidential candidates possible. Nobody has been truly excited or inspired about Republican politics in quite a while.

And then on a Wednesday morning when nobody expected it, Senator Paul took a stand and ignited passion in the party.

The response from McCain and Graham? Disdain and panic.

It started becoming obvious to them that maybe somebody else was nudging his way into the driver’s seat - somebody with different ideas, somebody with a rational argument against the empirical tyranny they love so much.

Rand Paul caught Grandpa McCain and Grandpa Graham off guard. The best interventions, after all, are typically the ones that are unexpected.

It’s time for Graham and McCain to hand over the keys to the Party. Otherwise, the kids in the family will have to take the keys forcefully. The future of the Republican Party is at risk.

Hopefully Graham and McCain aren’t yet too senile to see the obvious or too proud to admit they’re killing the Republican Party.

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