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Friday, March 22, 2013

New Video Captures Lindsey Graham Saying South Carolinians Don't Want Jobs While Unemployed Workers Tell Graham He's Out Of Touch

Despite More Than 300,000 South Carolinians Unemployed or Underemployed, Senator Graham Is Pushing For Millions More Immigrant Workers and Amnesty  

Dennis Michael Lynch , an independent documentary filmmaker based in Long Island, NY, has released a new, controversial documentary short film. The short film was recently shot in South Carolina at job fairs and unemployment lines and is a preview of a longer film Lynch plans to release shortly. The film juxtaposes comments of unemployed South Carolinians standing in unemployment lines with video of Senator Lindsey Graham saying there's a labor shortage in his state and that he needs to increase immigration to fill jobs. 

"Lindsey Graham has obviously been spending way too much time with cheap labor corporate lobbyists in Washington who want to bring in more foreign workers and hold American wages down," commented Roy Beck , president and founder of NumbersUSA. "He ought to try spending some time with South Carolinians standing in unemployment lines. Maybe then he wouldn't be so out of touch with the jobs crisis in his own backyard."

In December, the unemployment rate in South Carolina was 8.6%, significantly above the national average. More than 300,000 South Carolinians are unemployed or underemployed. Many have simply given up looking for jobs.

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