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Saturday, April 27, 2013

SC House Passes Obamacare Nullification by a Large Margin

In what seemed to an overwhelmingly uphill battle for the grassroots in South Carolina, a huge victory has been won, and won by an unexpectedly large margin. 

After months of tireless work from various grassroots organizations and individuals, including several events held in places like Columbia and Greenville where hundreds and even thousands showed up in support, Bill Chumley’s bill,  H.3101, South Carolina Freedom of Health Care Protection Act” passed a second reading in the House today by a vote of 65-34. (The roll call vote list can be read via this link.) The bill as written would declare Obamacare to be null and void because it is a blatantly unconstitutional piece of legislation.

Read more at The South Carolina Conservative Dot Com >> 

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