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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Chad Connelly Sides with Democrats in Dismissing SCGOP Lawsuit

Chad Connelly has once again come to the defense of the Establishment and dismissed a lawsuit that would protect the integrity of Republican primaries.  He knows that RINO Lindsey Graham's only hope of surviving a Republican primary depends on large numbers of Democrats voting in a Republican primary.  And so he sides with Democrats who have the closest thing possible to a Democrat in Lindsey Graham.  

Does the national Republican Party really think that an unprincipled hack, willing to betray the interests of Republicans in South Carolina and the conservative movement, is now going to appeal to Evangelical voters?  Next year, when conservatives across South Carolina rid themselves of Graham, it will be a loud shot across the bow of the GOP Establishment.  Conservatives have had enough of their betrayals and quislings like Connelly.  The TEA Party movement, regarded by Connelly as "anarchists" and "terrorists," will either take over the Republican Party or it will cease to exist.

On Friday, the day before SCGOP Chairman Chad Connelly resigned at the state executive meeting, Connelly dismissed a lawsuit that would prevent Democrats from voting in Republican primaries. SEE DOCUMENT HERE

But what authority did Connelly have to dismiss the lawsuit? Did the state executive committeemen vote to approve the dismissal?

According to SCGOP state executive committeeman Jim Lee, there was no written documentation given to leadership before the meeting or during the meeting, notifying them that the lawsuit was dismissed.

Another state GOP officer confirmed that the dismissal of the lawsuit was not mentioned at meeting, “this was not even discussed by the SCGOP and it is the first time I heard about it.”

chad and lindsey
Birds of a Feather: Chad Connelly with Lindsey Graham
According to the SCGOP’s website, in 2012, “the Greenville County Republican Party and the South Carolina Republican Party filed suit in U.S. District Court in Greenville, seeking to overturn laws that prevent political parties in this state from holding primaries in which only people registered for that party can vote.

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