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Thursday, March 27, 2014

British Defense Secretary: Why Britain and America Must Remain Partners of Choice in Defense

Both the United Kingdom and the United States face military budget constraints. Forces on both sides of the Atlantic must adapt to meet the global threats to peace and security. British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond will address how Britain and America are collaborating on strategy and mutual capabilities as well as how the United Kingdom is positioning its Armed Forces for 21st Century security priorities. He will also reflect on British defense reforms that have already been enacted and how these policies are complementary to those of the U.S. -- a strong and like-minded partner. As the United States re-balances to focus on the Asia-Pacific region, Secretary Hammond will examine the need for Europe to realize its responsibilities in its own backyard -- including the crisis in the Ukraine -- and how these and future events do, and will, require deeper and closer collaboration between close allies.

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