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Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Stand fast, and be not held again under the yoke of bondage.
Galatians 5:1

The "signs of the times" throughout the West become clearer with every passing day. The Fabian Society socialists are accelerating their totalitarian agenda.

Conservative Baptist and traditional Catholic parents in Germany are forced to flee their country because local authorities threaten to seize their homeschooled children.

In Britain a popular blogger faces arrest for sounding the alarm that Islamists, who have killed his friends and have threatened to kill him, place the whole British nation, its people and institutions, in peril.

Here in America, a candidate slinks toward the White House stating that we need to "move beyond" the idea that children belong to their parents. In her "global village" children are the common property of society, and thus the state has the right to send "Certified Parent Educators" into homes to ensure that the state's property is receiving the proper "intellectual development." Once in the home, these "therapeutic interventions" would ensure that families are implementing the UN's "Program of Action" produced at its 1994 population control summit. Perhaps we've seen before what these "therapeutic" home interventions look like:

In Canada, government thought police have interrogated a publisher over cartoons deemed by radical Muslim clerics to be offensive.

The following videos which I discovered on the superb website, Wolf Howling, may seem a bit overwhelming. I assure you that you will count these among the most riveting videos you have ever seen. They are truly shocking in that our Canadian neighbor, a modern, English-speaking country, is actually interrogating people at formal tribunals for what they think, say, and write. The accused provides eloquent testimony as to how freedom loving patriots should respond. The day may not be far off when we will all need his powerful witness.