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Monday, January 28, 2008


A new 527 group called -- the conservative answer to -- has produced a 60-second web ad responding to Governor Mitt Romney's challenge to look to his record as governor as an indication of where he stands on the issues.

TV AD -- Romney: "Look at my record as governor"

"The governor challenged voters to look at his record. has done just that," said spokesperson Sharon Blakeney, a lawyer in Boerne, Texas.

Blakeney said the group is raising money to place the ad on cable television in Super Tuesday states later this week. The group also plans to produce ads addressing other politicians' stand on similar issues, she said. is a pro-life organization committed to the appointment of judges who will support overturning Roe v. Wade. For more information contact contact Sharon Blakeney 830-816-2222

Full script of ad:

In the Florida debate, Governor Mitt Romney said:

"I can point to a very simple way to find out exactly where I stand, and that is look at my record as governor."


As governor, Mitt Romney issued an executive order forcing justices of the peace to perform homosexual weddings, or resign. Then he ordered marriage licenses changed to read “party A” and “party B” -- instead of “husband” and “wife.”

As governor, Romney appointed a board member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association to the bench, and appointed more Democrat judges than Republicans.

As governor, Romney authored and signed a mandatory heath insurance plan backed by Ted Kennedy -- including taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

As governor, Romney overruled his own health department and forced Catholic hospitals to distribute the morning after abortion pill.

Homosexual marriage?
Tax-funded abortions?
Catholic hospital morning after pills?
Homosexual activist judges?

"Look at my record as governor."


Anonymous said...

I think that Homosexual 'marriages' and weddings are fine so long as they're not called as such. Simply, 'formalised homosexual(or lesbian) union' would stand fine.

Anonymous said...

This is all very interesting - it seems to me that some of those statements are out of context - my understanding is that

1: Romney told gays that if there was an amendment that allowed gay marriage he would'nt fight it.

2: There was a law already in the state of Mass. recognizing marriage between a man and a woman.

3: State Supreme court rules the law is unconstitutional. Mitt Romney now under law has to issue marriage licenses and instruct justices to marry gays.

4: Mitt fights by calling for an amendment to the state constitution (not even the supreme court can overrule an amendment) that defines marriage between a man and a woman.

5: Mitt finds a little known law that states that if a marriage performed in Mass. would'nt be recognized in another state can't performed in Mass. This makes it so Mass. is not the Las Vegas of the USA of gay marriage.

6: Mitt's hands were tied behind his back because of the supreme court but he did what he could do to fight it! Mitt is awesome! Go MITT!!

Anonymous said...

Romney did began gay marriage in the US. The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court ordered the Legislature to change the law. Which according to the Massachusetts Constitution, they have no authority to do.

(see actual wording of Mass. Constitution at )

What happened then?

The Legislature did nothing. It took no action. So after the 180 days Gov. Romney took action on his own.

Gov. Romney's Legal Counsel issued a directive to the Justices of the Peace that they must perform same-sex marriages when requested or "face personal liability" or be fired.

This type of behavior was very typical for Mitt Romney in Massachusetts. He will use his wealth and influence and will say anything to get elected, even to the point of buying a whole conservative media conglomerate such as Clear Channel Communications in November 2006 (includes largest syndication company in US, Premiere Radio Networks). He is a very real threat to freedom.

Vincent said...

Anonymous is correct - Mitt's hands were tied by an activist Court that ran amok on gay marriage. He was and is opposed to it, and FORCED the Legislature to put forward a recall referendum bill, which they would not have done otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous #2 above is correct that in 2002, when running for gov and seeking the homosexual Log Cabin Republican endorsement (which he got), Romney opposed a marriage amendment put forth by pro-family groups.

However, Romney has praised President Abraham Lincoln for ignoring the U.S. Supreme Court's Dred Scott decision because it was obviously immoral. Further, the Mass Supreme Court did not order Romney to DO anything. He acted on his own initiative.

Which was consistent with his endorsmement of Kennedy's federal gay rights legislation and of gays in the military and of just about every other aspect of the gay agenda. Some, but not all of which, he's now reversed himself on as a candidate for prez.

I gather no one even bothers to dispute the other factual stuff in this ad: his appointing a homosexual activist to the court, his tax-funding abortion, his forcing Catholic hospitals to dispense the morning after pill.

billbuxlegs said...

Anybody listening to the Mitt Romney's record will realize that it has two sides. He plays the side of the record that he thinks his audience wants to hear.

Sorry Mitt, the people are on to you that you are not a true conservative. You're just another politician speaking out of both sides of your mouth.

Anonymous said...

I guess in the '90's when Romney said he was in favor of Gay Boy Scout leaders,the SJC was holding a gun to his head then as well.

Get real: the guy is as big a phony as I ever saw. And I don't mean saw in the figurative sense, like I "saw the Patriots win the world series."

The best thing about the end of this day will be that it is also the end of Romney's chances of buying the presidency.

Anonymous said...

A president should be the president of the nation, not of the party only.

I'm impressed that Mass. voters elected him at all, knowing that he would lean right of center.

To change pro-abortion laws, change hearts. This is happening now, through education efforts. Then conservative judges can nudge us closer to ending the abortion license.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me that the Court new that the issue was extremely contraversal so they gave the legislature 180 days to act (to create an ammendment???) after they did not do this Romney had to follow the courts ruling of unconstitutional.

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney is an honest God fearing man. While building a hugely successful business, he served 30-40 hours a week as a bishop over seeing a congregation and then as a stake president overseeing 10-12 congregations. He did this as a volunteer. Hespent 30 to 40 hours a week in the service of God while building a hugely successful business and honorable family. What other person worth $200 Million would sacrifice like this? We all have the same amount of time. For him to sacrifice this much says a lot about his heart. Some of your comments are dishonest. I watched Mitt from NH. He did everything in his power as Governor to thwart the 86% Democratic majority's liberal movement.