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Monday, January 28, 2008


A new 527 group called -- the conservative answer to -- has produced a 60-second web ad responding to Governor Mitt Romney's challenge to look to his record as governor as an indication of where he stands on the issues.

TV AD -- Romney: "Look at my record as governor"

"The governor challenged voters to look at his record. has done just that," said spokesperson Sharon Blakeney, a lawyer in Boerne, Texas.

Blakeney said the group is raising money to place the ad on cable television in Super Tuesday states later this week. The group also plans to produce ads addressing other politicians' stand on similar issues, she said. is a pro-life organization committed to the appointment of judges who will support overturning Roe v. Wade. For more information contact contact Sharon Blakeney 830-816-2222

Full script of ad:

In the Florida debate, Governor Mitt Romney said:

"I can point to a very simple way to find out exactly where I stand, and that is look at my record as governor."


As governor, Mitt Romney issued an executive order forcing justices of the peace to perform homosexual weddings, or resign. Then he ordered marriage licenses changed to read “party A” and “party B” -- instead of “husband” and “wife.”

As governor, Romney appointed a board member of the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association to the bench, and appointed more Democrat judges than Republicans.

As governor, Romney authored and signed a mandatory heath insurance plan backed by Ted Kennedy -- including taxpayer-funded abortion on demand.

As governor, Romney overruled his own health department and forced Catholic hospitals to distribute the morning after abortion pill.

Homosexual marriage?
Tax-funded abortions?
Catholic hospital morning after pills?
Homosexual activist judges?

"Look at my record as governor."