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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Full Page Ad Will Tell McCain: "No Mitt"

Gov. Mitt Romney signs Massachusetts' Universal Health Care law on April 12, 2006, as Sen. Kennedy looks on approvingly. The law provides taxpayer-funded abortions.

PRESCOTT, Az. -- A coalition of over two dozen leaders of state and national social conservative organizations will run a full-page ad Saturday in the Prescott Daily Courier, telling presumptive Republican presidential nominee Sen. John McCain, R-Az., that they cannot support his candidacy if he selects former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as his vice-presidential running mate. McCain is scheduled to appear at a campaign rally in Prescott Saturday on the steps of the courthouse where Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona launched his 1964 presidential bid.

The ad -- formally sponsored by Government is Not God PAC ( -- reprises social conservative activists' primary season criticism of Romney's record of passionately supporting abortion on demand and the so-called "gay rights" agenda both before and after Romney claims to have reversed his positions on such issues.

"For us the bottom line is this," the ad states. "The unvarnished facts of Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts make him utterly unacceptable as a Vice Presidential running mate. ...If Governor Romney is on your ticket, many social conservative voters will consider their values repudiated by the Republican Party."

(Full text is provided below.)

Most prominent among the ad's over two dozen signers is Paul Weyrich, president of the Free Congress Foundation, a founder of both the economically conservative Heritage Foundation and the socially conservative Moral Majority, and a national leader among conservative activists for nearly four decades.

Weyrich's is indisputably the most striking signature on the ad because of the dramatic change of heart it signals. Six months ago, Weyrich endorsed Romney's presidential candidacy.

We can’t support a McCain-Romney ticket. Here’s why.

An Open Letter to John McCain:


We are conservatives who believe strongly in the sanctity of human life and of marriage and we recognize that the issues at stake in this upcoming election are serious and profound.

Indeed, we believe the very future of America’s security, against threats both foreign and domestic, will be determined by whom America elects as President in November.

Because we have invested our lives in securing a prosperous America that honors life and liberty, we must state our grave concerns regarding your pending choice of a running mate.

Securing and uniting the GOP Base

To be successful in November you must unite all elements of the Reagan coalition. Your choice of a running mate must reassure the Party’s base that their voices and values will be respected if you are to ignite and excite the grassroots to work hard for your election in November.
For us the bottom line is this: The unvarnished facts of Mitt Romney's record as governor of Massachusetts make him utterly unacceptable as a Vice Presidential running mate.

A very large (and growing) number of social conservative voters who have become aware of that record are likely to abandon a GOP presidential ticket on which Romney's name appears.

Governor Romney got no traction during the primaries simply because his recent “conversion” to conservative and pro-life principles is not credible.

To be clear, we all welcome anyone who has come around to the cause of life and family.
However, Romney's actions as governor flatly contradict both the values widely associated with his faith as well as his pro-life and pro-traditional marriage campaign rhetoric.

As late as December (before carefully selected audiences) he stated anti-life and anti-family positions inconsistent with his previous statements. His actions as governor betray well-timed conversions as mere political opportunism, and offend those who demand “straight talk” from their leaders.

Mitt Romney created $50 taxpayer-funded abortions

The proof is clear. He claimed to be pro-life, but by establishing taxpayer-funded abortion on demand as a “healthcare benefit” Romney achieved what no pro-abortion Massachusetts Democrat ever had!

He unconstitutionally established a permanent government seat on the state-run health care board for an unelected representative of Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider. This was after his pro-life conversion. Is it any wonder we question his political integrity?

Mitt Romney illegally ordered same-sex “marriage”

Governor Romney also claimed loudly to support traditional marriage. But he went far beyond the notorious Goodridge court opinion that, in brazen defiance of a state constitution which blocks judges from even hearing challenges to marriage law and policy, urged the Legislature to legalize homosexual “marriage.”

The Legislature never did…but Romney didn’t wait. Fulfilling a backdoor campaign promise to the pro-homosexual Log Cabin Republicans, he illegally ordered justices of the peace to perform same-sex “marriages” in direct violation of the Massachusetts Constitution and the Legislature’s constitutionally binding statute. Is it any wonder we question his political character?


Mitt Romney is unfit to be a ‘heartbeat away’

This goes directly to the heart of our concerns over Romney’s fitness to be a ‘heartbeat away from the presidency.’

When a chief executive can violate multiple articles of the oldest functioning constitution in the world and disobey statutes he solemnly swore to defend and execute faithfully, then blame judges who never even asked him to intervene, he mocks the principle of limited government and the separation of powers. He robs Americans of their unalienable right to self-government, for which so many soldiers, sailors and airmen have died.

These are just two issues (there are more) that absolutely disqualify Mitt Romney as a viable Vice Presidential option. He would fatally harm your appeal to voters with deep constitutionalist and social conservative commitments.

The Base CAN help you win

If Governor Romney is on your ticket, many social conservative voters will consider their values repudiated by the Republican Party and either stay away from the polls this November or only vote down the ticket. For the sake of your election, the health of your party, and the future of America you must not allow the obvious electoral consequences of that to occur.

The Base WILL stand on principle

As citizens, activists, and leaders with our feet on the solid ground of real world Republican and Independent voters, it is our duty to alert you that the grassroots is nearing a point of breaking with Republican Party leadership on many issues, not the least of which is the relentless whitewashing of Mitt Romney’s social liberalism.

On this we cannot be silent.

Senator McCain, despite the proclamations of your surrogates we hope you will act to earn the support of the conservative grassroots in November, unite the Republican Party, and lead it to victory. However, Willard Mitt Romney is a deal breaker.

NOTE: Organizations are listed for identification purposes only

Matt Barber
Policy Director
Concerned Women for America

Dr. Ted Baehr
Author of Culture Wise Family

Michael W. Calsetta
Conservative Democratic Alliance

Brian Camenker

Janet Folger

Gary Glenn
American Family Association of Michigan

Thomas Glessner, J.D.
President, National Institute of Family and Life Advocates

James Hartline
Founder and Publisher
California Christian News

John Haskins
Parents’ Rights Coalition and

Linda Harvey
President, Mission America

Michael Heath
Executive Director
Christian Civic League of Maine

Gregg Jackson
Author/Radio Host

Judge Ned Kirby
Former Assistant Minority Leader
Massachusetts State Senate

Peter LaBarbera
Republicans for Family Values

Jan M. LaRue, Esq.
Jan LaRue Consulting

Dr. Scott Lively, Esq.
Defend the Family International

William J. Murray
Religious Freedom Coalition

Troy Newman
Operation Rescue

John O’Gorman
Board Member
Massachusetts Citizens for Life

Sandy Rios
President, Culture Campaign

John Russo
Marriage and Family Massachusetts

Stephen Strang
Chief Executive Officer
Strang Communications

Karen Testerman
Executive Director
Cornerstone Policy Research

Randy Thomasson
Campaign for Children and Families

Paul Weyrich
Free Congress Foundation

Philip Zodhiates
Response Unlimited, Inc.

To sign our petition and send a personal comment to Senator McCain, go to:

Government Is Not God-PAC
Nancy Murray, Treasurer PO Box 77237, Washington, DC 20013


Anonymous said...

The bad part is the truth behind the vast majority of the names on this list. It is filled with many people who have long anti-mormon histories... very sad.

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those social conservatives that will either sit out this election or even consider voting for the dems if Romney is on the ticket. I don’t see any difference between voting for the dems or the M&M ticket, if somebody knows the differences between the two please do tell. It makes me proud to finally see that some of the social conservative leadership is standing up and saying no way to Romney.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that they/you have no problem twisting and distorting facts to make them appear as they/you would like. But rather than rebut point per point, let me simply say that I fear social conservatives (those unable to view an excellent Mormon candidate with an unprejudiced eye)are making themselves obsolete.

Perhaps the Reagan Coalition won't survive this election. Perhaps social conservatives will choose to vote for the Libertarian Candidate. This election will have far reaching consequences that will shape the coming politics.

A small amount of friendly advice. Romney supporters are equally as passionate about him as you are against him. The only difference is that there are more of us and we don't go around beating our chests to try and get someone excluded. This may change though. If you somehow manage to get Romney excluded through your actions (i.e. if he isn't picked period as the VP whether it be through your actions or not) I personally promise that I will campaign against any future social conservative 'Golden Child'.

I personally understand your opposition to abortion and most of the populace is fairly on line with your views except when they are taken to extremes. Abortion should be a viable option in cases of rape, incest, or when the mother's life is endangered. Admittedly it's a weighty decision and should be made carefully but it should be an option. Just like I find social conservatives opposition to stem cell research slightly misguided. Especially in view of the latest findings that skin cells are capable of being turned into stem cells. But for some reason socials keep gnawing away at a bone that is no longer important.

So while mainstream America espouses my values, those who choose to be fanatical about social conservatives will earn my ardent opposition. Open your eyes as there are reasoned and logical explanations for every complaint you have with Romney. Don't let your distaste for someone of his faith cause you to not be open-minded.

Best Wishes,

R. Gavin Monson
Registered Osteopath

Anonymous said...

Have you totally lost your mind? I thought that you were simply a Huck-a bot but it seems that you have a visceral hatred for Romney. Because he is a Mormon? Because he has been less than conservative over the course of his career, like Hukabee? Oh, when the Huckster raised taxes, it was for "good"? His lack of economic knowledge does not matter because he learned to pass the plate in church?

You can rest easy, it seems unlikely that McCain will pick the demon Mormon, as his VP choice.

Only a complete retard would select Huckabee who was not running for VP, anyway. Or so many of his supporters repeatedly told me.

People who blame all of the worlds ills on George Bush have BDS, Bush Derangement Syndrome. It appears that you have RDS. Get over it.

Anonymous said...

I want to post something that I've mentioned on another blog, but which I think should be considered. Theres a person who isnt as frequently mentioned as others as a possible vice presidential candidate, but who I think would fit the bill excellently. The person I'm referring to is Elizabeth Dole.

Wait, before you judge, think about this:

(1) Elizabeth Dole was listed as being among the top 10 most conservative senators, based on American Conservative Union ratings. She has an ACU rating for 1996 of 96%, and an ACU lifetime rating of 91%. See this article:

(2) Elizabeth Dole has been strongly and reliably pro-life.

(3) Elizabeth Dole has had a remarkable amount of executive and legilastive experience: Served in the cabinets of Reagan and Bush 41, served as president of the American Red Cross during the '90s, briefly ran for president in 2000, and has been in the U.S. Senate since 2003.

(4) As secretary of transportation under Reagan, Elizabeth Dole was even in charge of one of the branches of the the U.S. military (the US Coast Guard, which was under that department at that time).

(5) Elizabeth Dole showed how she could be appealing as a public speaker when she supported her husband's bid for president in 1996. (Remember the electrifying convention speech?)


(6) As a woman, she would possibly be able to attact certain voters who would otherwise not be attracted to a McCain candidacy. For example, if Obama is the nominee of the Democrats, having Dole on the ticket may attract some of the female voters that otherwise may have gone for Hillary. Also, even though she is solidly conservative, as a woman, she could attact more moderate voters.

There is one down side: Dole is the same age as McCain, which could be an issue. But I think with some good humor, this could be dealt with in much the same way that Reagan diffused the age issue back in the '80s... with some good humor.

Anonymous said...

Huck lost, get over it already. These people say they won't vote for Mac if he selects Romney. Didn't they already say earlier that they would never vote for McCain because he's not a "True Conservative? These people need to get over themselves...

Anonymous said...

I am so happy that evangelical leaders are finally coming together to speak for the conservative voters who have been saying these things all along. Romney is not a conservative. It has nothing to do with his religion. It has everything to do with his flip flopping on the issues, especially faith and family issues. I truly hope that McCain will listen to the open letter and to the ad because it is the truth about how true conservatives feel about Romney as VP. He will lose the election if he chooses Romney. http://www.trueromney

Anonymous said...

Former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney has changed his position on an issue. It's true. He admits it. He has historically been in favor of a woman's right to choose ever since his cousin died during an illegal abortion. I disagree with Gov. Romney in that regard. I don't believe that anyone should have the right to choose to end another's life. However, his views over time (no doubt influenced in part by his growing family) have changed to believe that a woman should not have the right to "end" an unborn child.

I'm not aware of any other issue where his views are not completely in line with most of conservative America (I do not include in this group the fanatical conservatives that resort to violence in attacking homosexuals, bombing abortion clinics, etc.) Much ado has been made of Gov. Romney's "flip-flop" on gay rights. That's absurd. He believes (as I do), that homosexuality is a twisted man-made creation (much like pedophilia), but that NO ONE SHOULD BE DISCRIMINATED AGAINST. Case closed.

Finally, I'm a conservative (but no longer the stalwart Republican that I've always been after seeing my religion dragged through the mud lately) that believes in smaller government, a strong military, and personal responsibility (which includes privatizing Social Security and eliminating Welfare as currently run). Mitt Romney agrees with me and has a proven track record in Massachusetts and business of eliminating wasteful spending, streamlining processes, and making tough (sometimes unpopular) decisions. He's the kind of leader we need in America.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to vote for liberal mac or ultra liberal romney, the only true conservative choice is still available...Ron Paul.

Please do just 5 mins of research before you decide on a candidate

Anonymous said...

I strongly suggest you take your grievances (many of which are from the DNC talking points), send them to Romney and ask his specifically about each one. You'll find the answers to be very enlightening! And it will show that a large number of your objections have some very logical explanations. Otherwise, you jokers (and all that don't take the time to do any investigation but apparently read the Daily KOS everyday) are way off base on this one. As for me, if the VP slot is a contest between Romney and Huckabee, Mitt Romney wins the contest hands down. Not because of his religion (which as far as the Constitution isn't a factor regarding eligibility), but because he's just the better, more accomplished, and in the end more effective candidate!

Anonymous said...

I want to thank these religious leaders for letting Sen. McCain know the truth. GOV. ROMNEY IS A LIBERAL. Rush, Laura, Sean, Glen, The Bushes, Rove, Card, DeMint, The National Review, Bill Kristol, Fred Barnes (those left-wing loons) have been lying to us. They think we don't know that they're closet liberals. They're trying to fool us into think that Gov. Romney is a conservative.

It's a good thing these Christian men are letting us know the truth!

Anonymous said...

Common people, this has got nothing to do with whether Mitt is a morman or not. Stop using that as an excuse.. its like everytime you bring up an issue with Barack, people say that because he is black. Thats ridiculous. these are facts and the fact is that he is a bigger flip flopper than John Kerry and the democrats will use that quite well against republicans this time. think about it. .....

I am very glad that people are standing up proactively...

way to go!!!

Anonymous said...

No foutsc you are wrong...

yes conservatives dont trust mccain.. but they never thought that he was dishonest. They dont completely like his view. They may vote for him,,. but not enthusiastically. But by choosing a liar and a dishonest person as the VP, Mccain will completely loose the conservative vote and loose the election...I promise...

Anonymous said...

Against voters showing proof of citizenship.

For benefits for illegal aliens.

For drivers licenses fo illegal aliens.

State has the highest percentage of illegal aliens in country. Also illegal population growing at faster rate that any other state.

$505 Million in tax increases.

47% increase in tax burden under his governorship.

State spending went up 50% during his administration.

"So, I've never thought it (Roe v. Wade) was a legitimate manner in which to address this and, first it should be left to the states..."

He set up a seperate company so that he could give speeches and not disclose where the money came from while governor.

He used campaign funds to pay himself as an advisor.

He's your real CONSERVATIVE?

David and Denise Larsen said...

Has any one of those signers actually had a heart-to-heart discussion with Mitt Romney about those issues? It is about religion and you know it. But don't worry your "Christian" minds about it, Romney won't be the next VP candidate, and that is too bad for the country. We could have used him.

Anonymous said...

Can't fathom why anyone conservative, Republican or anywhere right of socialist would want to take the country where Mitt took Massachusetts.

Hence, can't fathom why anyone would want Mitt on the Republican ticket or in a Republican cabinet.

Just look at his record. Yikes.

Anonymous said...

There is something that i dont understand when someone attacks mitt some people say well this is not true you heard it from the liberal media. but when it comes to mike huckabee somehow everything is true. please stop the lies and start researching the facts yes mitt is a real liberal. btw i an a jewish leader with about five thousand followers and nobody i know will vote for mitt he is against family values. maybe in his own state he was not liberal because his state is one of the most liberal states and thats the reason they liked him.

RememberSekhmet said...

Again I say, this is not a contest between Romney and Huckabee. There are 20 names on McCain's short list, and there's no guarantee that Romney or Huckabee are on that list. Even if McCain does not choose Romney, he's also unlikely to choose Huckabee. You are making fools of yourselves for nothing.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why everyone assumes those that don't think Romney is a suitable candidate for either president or vice-president base it on his religion (although I have seen some that do) Many of us base our opposition to him being on the GOP ticket to his flip-flopping on abortion, gun rights, gay rights, fuel emissions, etc. AND his terrible record as governor. If he is so good for the economy why did Massachusetts jobs grow at a much slower pace than the rest of the country?

"Another central point that Romney has made in Michigan is that he would use his business acumen to create jobs. Yet during his four-year term as Massachusetts governor, which began in the depths of a recession, the number of jobs grew by just 0.5 percent, compared with 5.5 percent nationally, according to Labor Department statistics. Only three states did worse: Ohio, Louisiana, and Michigan.

Manufacturing employment in Massachusetts slid 12 percent, more than double the national average; the state fared only slightly better than Michigan, which lost more than 15 percent of manufacturing jobs during that period.Continued..."

It isn't his religion; it's his record! Some of us were prepared to vote for him until we did the research. If you want to talk about holding religious views as the litmus test; check out the % of Mormon votes went to other candidates in the GOP.

" Romney captured 94 percent of the voters who identified themselves as Mormon, which made up 25 percent of all Republicans participating in the GOP caucuses.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints estimates there are 170,000 members living in Nevada."

McCain even had trouble in his home state because of the high Mormon turnout for Romney.

"Romney was buoyed in part by enthusiastic turnout of voters in precincts with large Mormon populations such as east Phoenix, according to state Republican Party chairman Randy Pullen. "The turnout there is huge, with an hour-and-a-half wait to vote," Pullen said."

Let the records speak for themselves.

Granny T

Anonymous said...

Ann must have a crystal ball, she is so certain a McCain Romney ticket will lose...
Romney comes to our side on abortion and gay marriage, but instead of welcoming him we pillory him for having not been "Pure" from the start. Great way to win more converts!

Sanity102 said...

This is truly funny.

Ah "CONSERVATIVES", don't you get it yet? McCain doesn't need your blessings. Stay home and let the OTHER 97% AMERICANS who wants a Commander in Chief that won't be dictated by special interest groups to choose who will LEAD the world's most powerful military.

You're like little children who threaten to hold their breath to get their way...not understanding that everyone has already left the room--and no one cares if you turn blue.

Geez. Grow up already will ya?

Cindy Willmot said...

I've been following Mitt Romney for some time now. I knew 4 years ago he was planning to run for President when he began to make "adjustments" to his belief system. As a religious person, I would like to add, that our religious faith DOES shape us, contrary to what many cultural Christians believe. Mitt Romney is surely just as shaped by his Mormonism as Mike Huckabee is shaped by his Baptist faith. Having said that, Mr. Romney's views on social issues, particularly abortion, are right in line with his churches teachings. According to Mormonism, abortion is perfectly acceptable under certain circumstances. They have not, at least in the past several decades, held the view that all life is sacred from conception until natural death. In fact, in regards to rape or incest, they hold the view very similar to the liberal arguments that led to Roe v. Wade in the first place. According to statements by the now deceased Elder Oakes, a woman who has been raped is not responsible for protecting the life inside her body because she did not consent to the act. Therefore, she does not have to take responsibility. This is the Mormon view, but this is clearly not a Christian view. Until social conservatives unite on this single most important issue, all peoples lives are in jeopardy. With M&M on a ticket, you can rest assured that a Human Life Amendment will matter no more. The Pro-life movement will have no political allies anymore. It is my sincere hope that all Pro-Life individuals STOP voting for the lesser of two evils. This is what you will get---John McCain and Mitt Romney. I will vote for neither.

Anonymous said...

Why did these conservatives (many of whom were not Huckabee supporters and are not advocating him now) feel compelled to make a statement about Romney as a VP contender? Having had additiional time to research the issues, videos, positions, and comments of Romney, many of them feel an obligation to set the record straight about Romney's credientials.

What is his record?
Romney has had liberal views on MANY critical social issues and has demonstrated those views in executive actions against religious adoption agencies and justices of the peace in MA and in his judicial appointments in MA. In addition, he has shipped thousands of jobs overseas and put many American companies out of business. Finally, his record on national security is not good. Remember the Bain Capital venture with the Chinese defense contractor?

Romney has been promoted by some powerful influences as the golden boy of conservatism, and he is anything but that. The Republican establishment and some major media representatives have overtly advocated Romney as the best candidate for VP. Why would the Republican Party elites and influential media giants do this?

Fact is, Romney's connections to big money have catapulted him into favor with these elements,ahead of many other authentic conservatives. His Bain Capital has attempted to purchase over 1100radio and 40+ television outlets, including Sean Hannity, Rush, Coulter, etc. Authentic conservatives want others to know that Fox, Inghram, and big business will not speak for all.

Many of us may not have the money others have or their connections, but we do see the truth. These individuals who have placed this ad will have much to pay with the Republican establishment because they have gone against the machine; I personally connote their signatures with those placed on the Declaration of Independence. They have taken a valiant stand against tyranny.

What happened to freedom of speech and opinion? Do only those with position, money, and power have the right to it? This is a grassroots effort to let McCain and others know that we, the people, have a right to voice our opinion. Does one ad equate with a constant barrage of pro-Romney propganda from Fox and other conservative talk-show hosts? It's only a candle, but it is a candle held by masses.

I have seen many Romney supporters try and CLOUD the discussion by calling these brave leaders bigots or anti-Mormon haters. Actually, these voices have collaborated and planned a calculated attack on any who oppose a fellow Mormon. They suppose if they call an opponent a bigot, then the opponent (in an effort to defend his fairness) will accept their man therein shaking the unappealing label. This strategy will fail; many will speak, with facts and objective words, and let more know that Romney is NOT conservative and will not be acceptable as a VP.

Anonymous said...

For Carol and other slanderers who are simply unable to resist resorting to the religion card in response to any and all criticism of Romney's actions on public policy matters, please note that the "No Mitt" ad's only reference to his religion casts his faith in a positive light (as juxtaposed against his public policy record on abortion and the homosexual issues):

"Romney's actions as governor flatly contradict both the VALUES WIDELY ASSOCIATED WITH HIS FAITH as well as his pro-life and pro-traditional marriage campaign rhetoric."

In other words, the signers of the ad make clear that they SHARE and are DEFENDING the pro-family values widely associated with Mitt's church, since they're specifically criticizing him for actions that contradict those values.

Many members of Mitt's church have been elected to public office, including in the evangelical South: former U.S. Senator Paula Hawkins of Florida, Congressman Istook of Oklahoma, a secretary of state or some such in North Carolina.

I guarantee you those candidates weren't successful because their supporters CONSTANTLY drew attention to their church affiliation each and every time they were criticized by opposing camps on some matter of public policy.

There'll be a Mormon president some day, but it won't be a candidate whose reactionary supporters' first and immediate response to any and all political criticism is to accuse all critics of being religious bigots.

Not once, for example, have I heard McCain say, when criticized for some issue, respond by saying, "well, you obviously don't like Episcopalians-turned-Baptists."

Rudy didn't respond to his critics, "well, you obviously just don't like Catholics."

Why is it only Romney supporters who despicably always -- either immediately or inevitably -- resort to the religious victimhood and bigotry card?

It's obvious why: the Romney camp -- knowing their guy was vulnerable on his ridiculous attempts to paint himself as a conservative after passionately promoting abortion and the homosexual agenda in Massachusetts -- made a conscious decision that their only hope of silencing those who'd tell the truth about his record was to accuse them all of religious bigotry.

How's that workin' out for ya, Mittsters?

Anonymous said...

An imbecile can see that Romney is hands down the brightest and most capable of all the candidates far more interested in making a positive impact on his country than lining his pockets with future book or other deal proceeds. If he is not included in this or other presidential campaigns in the future, America loses. It’s just that simple. So open your eyes losers…from Iraq to the economy, they have all changed their positions…and not just once.