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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Please Accept My Apologies for the Boorish Behavior of Mr. Obama, My President.

From American Thinker
By Cliff Thier

To the people of Great Britain:

Please accept my apologies for the boorish behavior of Mr. Obama, my President.

His astonishingly downmarket gift to your Prime Minister is truly embarrassing. Mr. Obama should have treated Mr. Brown with far more respect than he did, not least because Mr. Brown represented the people of your nation.

Sadly -- for us -- it seems that no one ever taught Mr. Obama good manners or how to be a proper host. Worse, Mr. Obama apparently is ignorant of the history of your people and the lasting gifts that you have given to America.

Please let me thank you for those precious gifts.

Thank you for your gift of radical and dangerous ideas of freedom for which your people have fought and died.

Thank you for your gift of your navy's bringing to an end the Atlantic slave trade -- the first use of a nation's navy for a solely moral purpose.

Thank you for your gift of standing fast while standing alone against the terrible, murderous onslaught of the Nazis.

Thank you for your gift of standing shoulder to shoulder with the United States during the 70 years of costly -- but finally victorious -- war against the great sanguinary evil of Communism.

Thank you for your gift of comfort by standing first and strongest with us in the grim days after 9/11.

Thank you for your gift of sending real soldiers to fight and die alongside our men and women liberating the 45 million people of Iraq and Afghanistan.

And, thank you for your multitude of gifts of science, literature, art and music.

We will always be grateful for your friendship.


Anonymous said...

The tacky gifting of what amounts to 'Hollywood: America on DVD' might give more insight into the Obamas' valuation of America than their respect for Great Britain and her leader.

What a disgrace the Obamas have become.


Matt said...

I'm sorry, too. Do you think a bottle of California wine might make up for the DVDs President Obama gave him?