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Monday, May 17, 2010

McCain McMeltdown

Has John McCain crossed the aisle for the last time?

Senator John McCain didn't make it to the Grand Opening of his Tucson Headquarters this week because, as an aide said, he was "tied up in another state."

The 50 or so people who turned out were disappointed. There was no media.

"Just last week, J.D. Hayworth opened his Tucson office. He was there to greet the 200 supporters, did interviews with the press and everyone took away yard signs and had a great time," said Hayworth spokesman Mark Sanders. "It's the difference between having a Senator for Arizona and having a Senator from Arizona."

A McCain aide said the scheduling confusion was because of the weather, but it could have been a result of the chaos in McCain's operation.

According to media reports, McCain's campaign manager and the number two person in his operation have moved on. Not fired, the campaign insists, just moved on to help other Republican candidates.

"This is the hottest race in the country and the top two people don't just jump ship with three months to go before the primary election unless something is wrong," Sanders said. "This looks more like a meltdown than a makeover."

Last week, McCain launched a new television ad which has been ridiculed by the media. During his years in Congress he has been an advocate of amnesty for illegal aliens, but now that he is facing Arizona voters, his ad calls for closing the border and building the "danged fence."

"J. D. Hayworth wrote a book entitled 'Whatever It Takes' about clamping down on illegal aliens," Sanders said. "Apparently John McCain has adopted that title for his campaign. He will fire his staff, change his position and do whatever it takes to keep his job in Washington. But Mr. McCain will discover on August 24th that Arizona Republicans prefer a consistent conservative in the U.S. Senate.

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