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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bill Connor for SC GOP Chairman

We are delighted that Bill Connor has decided to enter the race for South Carolina GOP chairman, and we strongly endorse his candidacy.

Connor is a pro-life, pro-family Christian who has thought deeply about and is committed to Republican principles of individual freedom, limited government, a free and vibrant economy and opportunity for all.  We need a Republican leader who is grounded in principle and not only concerned with winning elections, but winning with candidates who reflect the conservative values of our state.

As state party chairman, we hope he will also commit himself to a far more mundane, but urgently needed task -- ending open primaries that permit Democrats to vote in Republican primaries and skew the outcome.  It was Democrats voting in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary of 2008 that gave John McCain a South Carolina win.  That should NEVER be allowed to happen again.

In his energetic and positive race for Lt. Governor, Bill Connor had the opportunity to get to know Republican Party activists in every part of our state.  He knows the importance of this state in determining our national leadership, and he is a smart and likable leader around whom all Republicans can unite.
Bill Connor is ideally suited to building a dynamic and principled Republican Party in South Carolina.  He will make a superb State Republican Chairman.

Bill Connor's Announcement for SC Republican Party State Chairman

To My Friends in the South Carolina Republican Party:

A week ago, I would not have believed I'd be writing this. While on vacation last week with my wife Susan and our three children, my phone started ringing with an outcry of support. This was the third time since November many of you asked me to pick up our Party’s banner one more time and run for Chairman. After a great deal of prayer over the weekend and an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails of support from members of the Party, I have decided to run for Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

When I returned from Afghanistan, after seeing the strength of America in those defending us, I realized I must get involved.  I must be part of the fight to help prevent our state and nation from moving away from the values which have made us great:  Faith in God and love of "Freedom" over the illusion of security with big government.  I set out on a 15 month campaign to share my ideas and thoughts with you, to let you know how we could work together to make things better for all South Carolinians.  As I said over and over again on the campaign trail:  "Government is not the answer, freedom is the answer" and South Carolina must become "A Bright Shining City on a Hill", the anchor for the rest of America.  I believe that if do not become that City on a Hill, America (as we know it) may be lost.

My entry into politics came with a speech to the first TEA Party in South Carolina, on a freezing, rainy night in February 2009.  It was then I saw the strength of the TEA Party movement and the incredible momemtum of South Carolinians willing to fight for Constitutional principles.  My memory of that night and the passion of the TEA Party movement will remain with me throughout the rest of my life. I see the Chairmanship as a chance to make things better for the people of our great state, and also as my chance to give back to you who have given me so much.

I ran for Lieutenant Governor last year because I wanted to make a difference and advance our conservative message, the same reasons you got involved in the Republican Party. While the South Carolina Republican Party had a great election in November of 2010, there is plenty of work left to do to advance the conservative message and prevent the passion brought by the TEA Party from burning out. You already know that. 

The others running for Chairman are good men and each should be honored for their work with the Republican Party, and I want this campaign to be positive and about my ideas, not mudslinging.  This race is not about us but the good of the party and state.  Though I have been a conservative throughout my life, I did not become an activist until returning home from war.  I'm part of that "wave" of people who have decided enough is enough and started the TEA Party movement.  I am running to make things better for our party. I want to clean up the good ol’ boy "establishment" that still controls too much of the SCGOP. The days of consultant dominance will be over. I will return the party to something that we can all be proud to call our own. I offer myself for service to our state party if you want the reform I will bring. 

Since June of last year, so many of you have asked me what I planned to do next.  Many suggested I run for State Chairman, and those calls have intensified in recent days. I am proud to pick up the banner and do what you, the people of the South Carolina Republican Party, are asking me to do.

I am ready to roll up my sleeves and get to work.  I believe the Republican Party saw my work ethic during the 15 months of the campaign for Lt. Governor, during which time I visited each county multiple times, put over 115,000 miles on the car, and gave every ounce of my strength.  With only 4 weeks to go in this race, I will work hard and stay positive.  I will give you reason to vote for me, and not why you shouldn't vote against opponents.  We have too much of that in the SCGOP and it will stop if I'm Chairman.  I am ready to fight, are you willing to stand beside me? I will be rolling out my plan for the party over the next couple of days, as always your input is greatly appreciated. I look forward to seeing all of you again over the coming weeks.

Bill Connor
Sola Fide

P.S. If you would like to join my team or have any questions, please email me at


Anonymous said...

Ask Bill if he told Chad under no circumstances would he run. Then ask him if political aspirations are enough to get him to betray a friend, why should anyone trust him? So sad. I expected more integrity.

R Bird said...

I like Bill Connor for his proven hard work (running for Lt. Gov.) which it will take to turn this party/country around. While most of those running seem to have similar platforms, we need the man who can devote the time to achieve: Small Government, Small taxes and Restoration of the Rights of the Individual to direct his/her own life (and No One Else's!).