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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Bill Connor Airs New Ad in Quest to Rid South Carolina of Lindsey Grahamnesty

 Time to Clean Out Washington

June 10 is the day South Carolinians can rid themselves of a traitorous quisling, Lindsey Graham.  With Bill Connor and Tim Scott in the United States Senate, we will finally have two votes that reflect the conservative values and views of most South Carolinians.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Senator Ted Cruz Questions FBI Director Comey on IRS "Investigation"

In Bill Connor, South Carolina could have a Senator with this kind of intelligence, integrity and fierceness in defending the right and the U.S. Constitution.  Or will we again allow Democrats and other low-information voters to continue in place John McCain's treasonous manservant, Lindsey Graham?

Friday, April 11, 2014

More TEA Party Leaders Join in Supporting Bill Connor for US Senate, Issue Statement

Columbia, SC - The week after prominent state Tea Party leader Joe Dugan endorsed Afghanistan combat veteran, attorney, and Republican candidate for U.S. Senate Bill Connor, more leaders of the Tea Party movement across the state have followed suit.
We, as individual patriot leaders in South Carolina’s constitutional community, fully endorse Bill Connor to be the next US Senator from South Carolina.

Bill is a constitutional conservative who will fight to stop the massive spending, bailouts, and debt that are destroying our country. He isn't afraid to stand up to the Washington establishment and he will do what it takes to stop Obamacare, amnesty, and stop government intrusion in our lives.

Bill has been a part of the Tea Party movement in South Carolina since its inception in 2009. He spoke at the first SC Tea Party event on Feb 27, 2009 and at the following event two months later on April 15 where he introduced Jim DeMint. Over the years, and as the movement has grown nationwide, he has not wavered from the conservative principles that brought him into active politics all those years ago.

Bill Connor is a 24 year Airborne Ranger Infantry officer and Afghanistan combat veteran and currently serves as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army reserves. Bill also is a partner in a successful general law practice with an emphasis on military law. He will stand with and support our troops.

As a family man, along with his wife who is a practicing OB/GYN in South Carolina and veteran herself, he has personal experience from a patient and doctor perspective on the harm that Obamacare is doing to the quality, availability and cost of our healthcare system. He will be a champion and stand with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee to stop this dangerous legislation.

We believe it is vital to America’s future to send a true comprehensive, Reagan-conservative to replace Lindsey Graham, and Bill fits that description best among those challenging Senator Graham. He is a fiscal, social, and national defense conservative, who will not only stand up for Constitutionalism at home, but also stand for a strong military, stand by allies like Israel, and stand true to a "strategic national interest only" foreign policy.
Janet Spencer
N. Myrtle Beach, SC
Chair, Carolina Patriots
Freedomworks Activist 
Charlotte Hendrix
Florence, SC
Chair, Tea Party Patriots Florence
Freedomworks Activist  
Pat Dansbury
Ridgeland, SC
Chair, Bluffton Tea Party
Freedomworks Activist  
Linda Ensor
Summerville, SC
Chair, Lowcountry Conservatives in Action
Renee Cannon
N. Charleston, SC
Freedomworks Activist

Audrey Aldridge - Longs
Al Aversano - Myrtle Beach
Richard Whitford, Jr. – N. Charleston
Richard Spencer – N. Myrtle Beach
Michael Cutler - Florence
Bill Besemer - Conway
Lee Besemer - Conway
Janice Rice - Florence
Diane Aversano – Myrtle Beach
Sandra Wellington - Florence
Carl Wellington - Florence
Gene Geraldo – Myrtle Beach
Diane Geraldo – Myrtle Beach
Dick LoBue – Murrells Inlet
Sandra Camlin - Florence
Harold Camlin - Florence
Ralph Billeter - Conway
George O’Neill – Little River
Janice Owens - Florence

Blair Owens - Florence
Sue O’Neill – Little River
Shelia Bond – Myrtle Beach
Barbara Matthews - Florence
Sam Matthews - Florence
Mary Ann Carnazza - Longs
Leonila Eaddy - Longs
Jack Justice - Florence
Dave Truby – Myrtle Beach
Connie Hudson - Florence
Jean Hampton – Myrtle Beach
Cathy Cantey - Florence
Ron Hendrix - Florence

Bill Connor is a 24 year Airborne Ranger Infantry officer and Afghanistan combat veteran. He currently serves as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army reserves. He is a Citadel graduate who returned to SC after active military service. He has been married to his wife, Susan, for 23 years and they have 3 children. The Connors make their home in Orangeburg, where Bill and a partner operate a small general practice law firm with an additional emphasis in military law.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Lead with Jake Tapper (CNN) Discusses Bill Connor's New TV Ad

Jake Tapper's panel concludes this is not the slickest, most costly campaign ad, but Truth, coupled with a ready, conservative leader, will triumph over whatever the  corporatist Establishment attempts to throw up.  After all of Graham's toadying up to John McCain, Hillary Clinton and Barack Hussein Obama, South Carolinians aren't going to be fooled by the RINO, Grahamnesty, again.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lee Bright's Desperate and Deceitful Campaign

What would you do if you were running for the GOP U.S. Senate nomination in South Carolina and the newspapers were about to report that your campaign spent $76,000 in the previous quarter, but managed to raise only $52,000 to cover those expenses? 

What would you do if your campaign has such meager funding on hand that it seems unlikely you would be able to compete with far better funded primary opponents and pay for the expensive, late campaign media buys? 

What would you do if your business has failed and your personal finances are in crisis, with personal debt totaling between $1.1 million and $3.1 million owed to 29 creditors?

If you are a career politician like Lee Bright, you might attempt to divert attention by passing off a fraudulent poll that your own campaign has paid for and that distorts your actual support.  The Wenzel Strategies poll also suggests that Lindsey Graham has far greater support than has been shown in any independent and objective poll.  The Bright campaign apparently hoped Lindsey would take the bait and promote Bright's fake poll, a poll that is so self-serving, even The State newspaper was forced to run a clarification.

And what better relief could there be for a man with limited education, facing ruin and bankruptcy, than to secure a job offering a six year contract, a salary of $174,000, an outside earned income allowance of more than $27,000, a large taxpayer-paid staff, paid travel, housing deductions, health, dental and life insurance, a private gym and the world's best pension fund?

To get all that relief from his personal crisis, Lee Bright is apparently willing to say or do anything. 
Bright has attempted to suggest that year-old comments made on the influential RedState blog are an endorsement, when no such endorsement has been forthcoming.  In fact, the RedState founding editor, Erick Erickson, has taken to his blog to correct the false information being spread by Lee Bright.

Bright has also attempted to mislead "low information voters" by suggesting that big-name political figures have endorsed his campaign, when in fact those endorsements were from previous campaigns for the South Carolina Legislature.  Voters should be warned to read Lee Bright's small print.

The problem in all of this for Lee Bright is that he is attempting to replace Lindsey Graham - a RINO whose duplicitous statements have, at least until now, allowed him to say one thing in South Carolina -- even sounding like a conservative in election years -- and then join Chuck Schumer and John McCain in supporting policies opposed by most South Carolinians.  We don't need to replace one deceitful, career politician with another.  If Lee Bright cannot be honest and straightforward with South Carolinians when he is seeking their votes, what should we expect if he were to get to Washington?

Fortunately, Republicans in South Carolina have a far brighter option this year -- Bill Connor.  Connor has never served in political office, but he has served the people of our state and nation for nearly 24 years.  Unlike Bright and Lindsey Graham's other primary opponents, Bill Connor is a veteran, having served as an Airborne Ranger Infantry officer with active duty combat in Afghanistan.  Bill currently serves as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army reserves.  

For Bill Connor, election to the United States Senate is a continuation of public service and a defense of liberty which began with his graduation from The Citadel.  He is first and foremost dedicated to the God-given rights protected by the United States Constitution. Unlike Justices Kagan and Sotomayor, for whom Lindsey Graham provided key votes, Bill does not see the Constitution as an evolving document, but rather an immutable bulwark in defense of American freedoms.  He is committed to defending the common-sense, kitchen table values shared by most South Carolinians, and his votes in the United States Senate will reinforce the votes of Senator Tim Scott, not cancel them out.  

A committed Christian, Bill Connor will not devote his campaign to lies and deception.

Lt. Col. Bill Connor
Campaigns are long, costly affairs that often shed more heat than light, but as the campaigns of Bill Connor and Lee Bright are demonstrating, they can also help the average voter glimpse the character and integrity of those who would be our representatives and leaders.  

South Carolina does not need any further embarrassment on the national stage.  In Bill Connor we have a gentleman whose personal integrity and accomplishments in his academic, military, personal and professional life will make us proud.  He is a citizen soldier who is battle hardened and will fight daily as a citizen Senator to restore our republic, and the freedom, opportunity, strength and prosperity which have been its hallmarks.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bill Connor Announces Campaign Steering Committee for US Senate Race

Bill with his wife Susan and their children Peyton, Brenna, and Will.
There's a strong tide moving in South Carolina to finally end the traitorous Senate career of Lindsey Graham and send in his place Bill Connor, a thoughtful, solid conservative, a Citadel graduate, who has served his country as an Airborne Ranger Infantry officer and Afghanistan combat veteran. Bill currently serves as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army reserves.   A dedicated family man and devout Christian, there will be no question as to whose interests Bill represents.  He will fight for the common-sense, kitchen table, family values of the citizens of South Carolina.

Bill Connor won't be calling his constituents racists because they believe, in this age of terrorism, that the borders of our nation should be secured and our laws on immigration obeyed, unlike Senator Graham who wants to reward law breakers with amnesty.

Bill Connor doesn't believe that government is the solution to all of America's problems; he believes that government is the problem.  In this regard, he won't be calling, as did Lindsey Graham, for the nationalization of US banks, or any other enterprises best left to the private sector.

Bill Connor, unlike Lindsey Graham, will support the Republican Platform, not join with Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats in filibustering against GOP-backed tort reform legislation.

Bill Connor, unlike Lindsey Graham, knows that America's economy is groaning under the weight of excessive taxes and massive regulation.  Unlike Lindsey Graham, he won't be supporting Democrat plans for cap and trade legislation and the massive tax increases that would entail.

Bill Connor will dedicate himself to serving the best interests of his constituents and the security and strategic interests of our country, not Wall Street banksters, as did Senator Graham, when he voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) with its massive debt increases and expansion of the federal government.

Bill Connor has fought to defend the God-given rights and freedoms Americans thought were protected by the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He surely won't be supporting, as does Senator Graham, the fingerprinting and imposition of ID cards on law-abiding Americans, the establishment of biometric data banks, and the massive spying and data mining being carried out by the NSA and other agencies of the federal government.

Bill Connor reveres and will honor the principles upon which our nation, under God, was founded.  He knows that a radical re-commitment to  the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is essential if American freedoms and greatness are to be restored.  Unlike Senator Graham, he won't be voting to place left-wing extremists on the Supreme Court.

Finally, as a combat veteran, Bill Connor knows that the men and women of the Armed Services should never be put in harms way to carry out any mission that does not directly serve the safety, security, strategic interests and freedom of the American people.  We can no longer afford to play policeman, banker and Santa Claus to the whole world.

For these reasons and so many more, your editor is pleased and honored to serve on Bill Connor's Campaign Steering Committee, which was announced yesterday.  

Bill's election is vital to South Carolina; we can no longer afford to have the conservative votes of  Senator Tim Scott cancelled out by Lindsey Graham, who only pretends to be a conservative every six years.  But this election is also crucial to all Americans who care about righting our ship of state and steering a far different course than that taken by Obama and Graham.  Bill's campaign needs the prayers, financial support and encouragement of all Americans who love and care about our country.  Bill Connor has fought for America his entire adult life.  Now he has undertaken a battle that will determine whether we continue to live in the country bequeathed to us by America's founders -- a land of freedom, faith, hope and opportunity.  Upon this battle depends the future of your children and grandchildren.  Let's ensure that Bill Connor will be fighting for us in the United States Senate.


Saturday, January 4, 2014

Huckabee Finds Himself Aboard the Titanic and Wants OFF!

For months now, conservative talk radio stations throughout South Carolina have been airing a message from Governor Mike Huckabee telling us how grateful we should be for the "conservative" leadership of Senator Lindsey Graham.  The ads, paid for by a pro-amnesty for illegal immigrants front-group with the misleading name of South Carolina Conservative Action Alliance, have also touted Graham's inclination to intervene in every war raging on the planet.

Such ads obviously sounded, in the months before a GOP Primary for the Senate nomination, like an endorsement.  But apparently Governor Huckabee, with political ambitions of his own, hasn't been to South Carolina in awhile, or has just been informed that he booked passage on a sinking ship.

On Thursday evening he posted the following message on his website:
To be clear, I haven’t endorsed Lindsey Graham for Senate.

Obviously, Senator Graham’s people are using the ‘Thank you’ ad and treating it like an endorsement, but neither the PAC nor I personally have endorsed in the South Carolina Senate race. Please help me by sharing this statement with your friends across South Carolina so voters understand where I stand.
Clearly, anyone who has been in politics as long as you have, Governor, should have known that such radio ads would be used and received as a political endorsement, particularly in the months preceding a hotly contested primary.   No need for panic, however, there is a lifeboat -- may we suggest that you endorse the real conservative in the race - our next U.S. Senator, Bill Connor.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Will Lindsey Graham Face a Serious Primary Challenge?

By Javan Browder

It’s becoming more and more clear that Senator Lindsey Graham is on shaky ground with the GOP electorate in SC.  Multiple county GOP groups have recently passed censure measures against him, and by overwhelmingly large margins, with other counties soon to vote on similar censure measures.

A recent poll conducted by Landmark Communications and Rosetta Stone Communications showed that Graham only reaches 42% of the vote against his field of primary challengers, and still falls short of 50% against any of them in a head to head matchup.

Adding to voter frustration over Graham, is his recent vote in favor of cloture on the Senate version of the Harry Reid amended CR bill which allowed full funding for Obamacare, something the House had stripped out in its version before sending it to the Senate. The cloture vote required at least 60 votes, so it could not pass without at least 6 republican votes, and once cloture was invoked it meant that the bill would be voted on as is with the Obamacare funding and only need 51 votes to pass.  Many conservatives believe the process was a setup between the powers that be in both parties. That was the main purpose of Senator Ted Cruz’s 21 hour filibuster, to try and bring attention to the fix. Though Graham did vote against the actual bill, by voting for cloture, many conservatives feel that he cast a de-facto vote in favor of Obamacare funding.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

The New "Intolerance"

Lt. Col. Bill Connor and Prince Harry, Afghanistan, December 2007
A Charleston Professor of Philosophy (recently) gave readers a small taste of the new intolerance.  This was in his article opposing the South Carolina Marriage Protection Amendment.  Using the Liberal talking points, this professor compared support for traditional marriage to racist opposition to interracial marriage.  The clear implication throughout the writing: Those supporting “one man and one woman” marriage are similar to racists of the past.  The intolerant intent of this comparison is to scare away principled disagreement.  Being tagged a “racist” or “homophobe” is the new McCarthyism in America.  The professor even tossed in the nuclear term “homophobic” to describe Judges (what a “conservative” group they are!) who factor sexual orientation when deciding child custody cases. 

In response; comparing the civil rights issue with gay marriage is wrong and demeaning to the values of civil rights leaders.  The following quote from the Reverend Martin Luther King Junior made clear those values.  In “Letters from a Birmingham jail” Dr. King wrote:  “(Civil rights protesters stand for) the most sacred values in our Judeo-Christian heritage”.  In no way can gay marriage be considered a “sacred” Judeo-Christian value.   Dr. King was an ordained Baptist minister and used the teachings of the Bible as the foundation for the civil rights struggle.  Colin Powell spoke directly to this issue when some politicians compared integration of gays into the military to the integration of African-Americans: “Skin color is a benign characteristic, sexuality is not”.  A top black enlisted man, called to testify at Congressional hearings about gays in the military, claimed he found it “insulting” to make this comparison.  The fight for racial equality is just too important to be compared with the militant homosexual agenda.

The Professor attempted to make a preposterous argument for Biblical support of homosexual marriage.  This was an attempt to show Christianity is “unclear” and therefore cannot be used to oppose gay marriage.  Since his argument is becoming more “vogue” among the certain Liberal Christian leaders, it deserves answer.  Some won’t accept the clear Old Testament prohibitions against homosexuality in Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy (and that Jesus claimed he did “not come to destroy the (moral) law but to fulfill”).  Some, including the professor, will not accept the many references decrying homosexuality throughout the New Testament Epistles.  However, any intellectually honest Christian must accept the Words of Jesus Christ speaking directly about marriage and divorce in Matthew 19:4-6: “Haven’t you read,” he (Jesus) replied, “that at the beginning the Creator ‘made them male and female’ and said ‘For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh’?  So they are no longer two, but one.  Therefore, what God has joined together, let man not separate.”  Jesus’ quote is spoken at all Christian wedding ceremonies to commemorate the prescribed joining of one man and one woman.  Homosexual marriage supporters may disagree with the Bible.  However, the attempted argument about support for gay marriage is just specious.

In addition to Liberal intolerance against those supporting traditional marriage, orthodox Christian belief is under increasing attack.  Kinky Friedman, a Texas Gubernatorial candidate claimed: “He (Texas Governor Rick Perry) doesn’t think very differently from the Taliban, does he?”  This came after Perry was asked whether or not he agreed with the belief in Jesus Christ was the only Way to salvation.  Perry’s “Taliban” response to this reporter’s question was as follows:  “In my faith, that’s what it (Bible) says, and I’m a believer of that… Christian faith teaches that the Way is through Jesus Christ.”  Perry was also criticized by politician Carolyn Keeton Strayhorn: “(I here to tell Governor Perry) There are many ways to heaven” She told the Dallas Morning News.  Texas Democratic politician Chris Bell opined about Perry: “when you are in public office, you need to respect people of all other faiths and denominations.”

Governor Perry has a personal belief, which holds faith in Jesus Christ being necessary for salvation.  This is the traditional and historic Christian confession derived from many verses in the Bible, including (John 14:6):  “I (Jesus) am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the father but by me.”  And as Peter said of Jesus Christ in Acts 4:12: “Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to men which we must be saved.”  Most Christians throughout history, including Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., have held to this same Christian belief.

Think about something: Is a personal belief in what follows death “intolerant” to those outside that faith?  Atheists believe all human existence ends at death.  To many, that “faith” is cruel and hopeless.  However, most would also agree that an atheist or other non-Christians are entitled to hold these kinds of personal beliefs without persecution.  Unfortunately, in the case of Christian Governor Perry, intolerant secular progressives demand he end his personal belief to continue in public office.  What’s wrong with this picture and why are Americans accepting the steady erosion of values.

The intolerant secular progressive attack machine should be stopped.  It has rolled over Europe, bringing utter despair, and created much havoc to the United States over the past 35 years.  If we cower in silence now, we have no right to complain when the real persecution comes to our children.

Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve who received the Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman’s Badge for his service in combat as the senior American advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan.  He is a 1990 graduate of The Citadel.  After serving over ten years as an Infantry Officer in the U.S. Army, he received his Juris Doctorate from University of South Carolina in 2005. An attorney with Hamilton and Associates, he is currently a candidate for South Carolina Republican State Chairman.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Bill Connor for SC GOP Chairman

We are delighted that Bill Connor has decided to enter the race for South Carolina GOP chairman, and we strongly endorse his candidacy.

Connor is a pro-life, pro-family Christian who has thought deeply about and is committed to Republican principles of individual freedom, limited government, a free and vibrant economy and opportunity for all.  We need a Republican leader who is grounded in principle and not only concerned with winning elections, but winning with candidates who reflect the conservative values of our state.

As state party chairman, we hope he will also commit himself to a far more mundane, but urgently needed task -- ending open primaries that permit Democrats to vote in Republican primaries and skew the outcome.  It was Democrats voting in the South Carolina Republican presidential primary of 2008 that gave John McCain a South Carolina win.  That should NEVER be allowed to happen again.

In his energetic and positive race for Lt. Governor, Bill Connor had the opportunity to get to know Republican Party activists in every part of our state.  He knows the importance of this state in determining our national leadership, and he is a smart and likable leader around whom all Republicans can unite.
Bill Connor is ideally suited to building a dynamic and principled Republican Party in South Carolina.  He will make a superb State Republican Chairman.

Bill Connor's Announcement for SC Republican Party State Chairman

To My Friends in the South Carolina Republican Party:

A week ago, I would not have believed I'd be writing this. While on vacation last week with my wife Susan and our three children, my phone started ringing with an outcry of support. This was the third time since November many of you asked me to pick up our Party’s banner one more time and run for Chairman. After a great deal of prayer over the weekend and an overwhelming number of phone calls and emails of support from members of the Party, I have decided to run for Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Momentum Builds for Bill Connor as State Leaders Rally

As his campaign momentum continues through to the runoff, Bill Connor announced that multiple former candidates around South Carolina had endorsed his campaign.

First District Congressional candidate Larry Kebrovsky:

“I’m honored to support Bill Connor for Lt. Governor, who I personally know to be the Tea Party candidate that represents the values that I believe in.”

First District Congressional candidate Katherine Jenerette:

“I have talked to Bill many times about the issues we all face here in South Carolina and he ‘get’s it’ as person who has a great understanding of the real world problems in our state,” Jenerette said Tuesday night.

“His combat military experience and leadership has proven his dedication to the highest traditions and sacrifice of service to our nation and our state,” Jenerette, a U.S. Army Persian Gulf War veteran continued. “I know that he has the ‘right stuff’ to lead as our Lieutenant Governor and I am proud to support and endorse him.”

“I encourage all of the voters of the First Congressional District to get out the Vote during the run off election in two weeks and vote for Bill Connor for South Carolina Lieutenant Governor.”

Fourth District Congressional candidate and Air Force veteran Jim Lee:

“Last February, on the banks of the Reedy River in Greenville, I met Bill Connor at the first Tea Party in South Carolina. Since then, I’ve seen his consistent commitment to the cause of limited government, true conservative values, and honor and integrity as the campaign played out over these past fifteen months. I see in Bill the same deep, burning passion that I have to see different representation serving us not only in Washington but also in Columbia. I am proud to support my fellow veteran and citizen-statesman Bill Connor in his runoff for Lt. Governor.”

Superintendent of Education candidate Kelly Payne:

“As hard as I worked these past ten months in my campaign for Superintendent of Education, there was a candidate running for Lieutenant Governor who always started earlier, worked harder, and kept at it longer. That candidate was Bill Connor. Bill’s military service and commitment to conservative ideals impressed me from the first time I met him. He has my unwavering support in his race for Lieutenant Governor.”

Superintendent of Education candidate Dr. Gary L. Burgess:

“Over the course of my campaign, I was able to meet a number of committed conservatives looking to move our state forward with fresh ideas. One of those who stands out because of his proven leadership is running for Lt. Governor. I support Lt. Colonel Bill Connor’s campaign to make our state a ‘shining city on a hill’ as an example of freedom to the rest of our nation, and I look forward to working with him.”

The Connor campaign also announced that former Congressman Tommy Hartnett, State House candidate Tony Lamm and current Oconee County GOP Chair Eddie Adams were endorsing Connor.

Connor was pleased at the response to his campaign.

“I have spent the past fifteen months working to get our state back on track from the damage the politicians have done over the past ten years,” Connor said. “I am pleased that these candidates who are my fellow outsiders (and in some cases also my fellow veterans) have seen my commitment on the campaign trail day in and day out.

“I am very grateful for their support and look forward to working with them to bring conservative-minded reforms that will begin to clean up the mess in Columbia.”

About Bill Connor: Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserve who received the Bronze Star and Combat Infantryman’s Badge for his service in combat as the senior American advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. Bill is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to announce and file for South Carolina statewide office, and the only combat veteran running for Lt. Governor. His opponent in the Republican runoff is Ken Ard. In addition to his Reserve duties, Bill serves as the Chairman of the Board of Orangeburg Christian Academy. Bill is a graduate of the Citadel and USC Law School.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Connor Campaign Releases First Television Ad

Connor first candidate up on television, only statewide candidate on Daytona 500

The Bill Connor campaign today released the first television ad of the 2010 Primary cycle by any Lt. Governor candidate. The ad debuted during today’s FOX pre-race telecast of the Daytona 500 in the Greenville market, and will air later in the day in the Charleston and Columbia markets. This is the only political ad running during the NASCAR broadcast, and is also the first television ad by any Republican statewide candidate not running for Governor.

“I knew that as the outsider in this race, I would need to get out early and be the first to announce my candidacy,” Connor said. “We were the first to announce, the first to post a website, the first to air radio advertisements, and now the first up on television. I am also proud to be the first returning post-9/11 war veteran to run for statewide office in South Carolina.”

The ad, titled “Family Business,” highlights Connor’s lineage as a 4th generation Army officer, and hints at the fact that he is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to announce for South Carolina statewide office.

It also notes Connor’s wartime service record in Afghanistan with the 218th Infantry Brigade, where he received a Bronze Star as Senior US Advisor to Afghan forces in Helmand Province and Senior US Liaison to British Forces there.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Major General James Livingston Endorses Bill Connor

Medal of Honor recipient from Mt. Pleasant supporting veteran Lt. Gov. candidate

In another sign of building momentum, the Bill Connor campaign today announced that Marine Major General and Medal of Honor recipient James Livingston has endorsed the campaign.

a Marine who led men into battle in Vietnam, I understand the challenge of combat leadership,” said General Livingston. “Combat leadership is forged in the toughest crucible known to man. As an Infantry Lt. Colonel, Bill was the senior US advisor to Afghan forces in Helmand fighting the Taliban insurgency. Now, Bill is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to announce for statewide office. I am so proud to endorse Bill’s candidacy for Lieutenant Governor.”

“I am proud to have the support of a Medal of Honor recipient like Jim Livingston,” Bill Connor said. “It means so much to our campaign to have leading veteran voices like General Livingston supporting us. General Livingston has been a great voice for the economic benefits of attracting retirees to our state. He points out that the average retiree household moving to South Carolina with pension and retirement income brings an average of three to four jobs. I look forward to working with General Livingston as head of the Office on Aging to make our state a retiree haven, allowing South Carolina businesses to create new jobs.”

Bill Connor is a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army Reserves who received the Bronze Star for his service in combat as the senior American advisor in Helmand Province, Afghanistan. In addition to his Reserve duties, Bill serves as the Chairman of the Board of Orangeburg Christian Academy. Bill is a graduate of the Citadel and USC Law School. Bill lives in Orangeburg with Susan, his wife of 18 years, and their three children Peyton, Brenna, and Will. They attend Christ Church of the Carolinas in Columbia.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Bill Connor Receives Boiling Springs Tea Party Endorsement

Tea Party Movement backing Connor for Lt. Governor

Bill Connor’s campaign for Lieutenant Governor showed more momentum today as he picked up the endorsement of the Boiling Springs Tea Party organization, an Upstate organization with over 3000 members.

“We believe that Bill Connor’s advanced service to his country uniquely qualifies him for statewide office,” said Maria Brady, the group’s spokeswoman, in a release Tuesday. “Bill’s service as the leading US Advisor in Southern Afghanistan is proof of his commitment to our nation, and is well illustrated by his Bronze Star.”

“Col. Connor has been involved with the Tea Party movement since the first Tea Party in South Carolina back in Greenville in February. He has since been involved in more than a dozen Tea Parties across our state. Bill is committed to the ideals of freedom and liberty that are at the heart of our movement, and has shown that commitment in his articles and his actions. We are proud to support his candidacy for Lieutenant Governor,” Brady concluded.

“I am pleased to have the support of this great group of conservative and liberty-minded activists,” Connor said. “I have spoken at Tea Parties around our state for the past year about the need to get back to the ideals our nation was founded upon. I believe groups like this herald a new direction for our Republican Party, one where we refocus our efforts away from big government and towards the principles of freedom our Founders gave us more than two centuries ago.”