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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Gary Glenn: On the Road to the United States Senate

Gary Glenn, Michigan Republican candidate for the United States Senate has been endorsed by Governor Mike Huckabee, National Right to Work and most recently by a coalition of 43 Michigan TEA Party organizations (MI 4 Conservative Senate).  National pundits assume that his challenger, Pete Hoekstra, a former congressman for 18 years, who supported TARP and bailouts; voted for debt limit increases, supported the Brady Bill; opposed Right to Work and was endorsed by Jimmy Hoffa, is the likely nominee based on name recognition and voter apathy.  They don't know the time in which they live and they don't know Gary.  If you want to see one of the most remarkable political upsets in the 2012 election cycle, just watch Gary.  To paraphrase President Kennedy speaking of Winston Churchill, Gary Glenn, more than anyone we know, mobilizes truth and sends it into battle.

Here is Gary Glenn interviewed this morning on a Michigan morning radio program:

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