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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Richard Cash Posts Web Infomercial in Bid to Rid South Carolina of Lindsey Graham

We haven't settled on a candidate yet; we'll support the conservative with the best chance of ridding South Carolina of its rogue and treasonous Senator, Lindsey Graham.  But there is no question, Richard Cash would make a superb United States Senator and would give South Carolinians two thoughtful and principled conservative votes in the United States Senate. 
Like any good candidate, Richard Cash needs to introduce himself to Republican voters throughout our state, but in the end the Republican Primary will be a referendum on the Senate career of Lindsey Graham.  We have commented on its many outrageous highlights; and we hope Richard Cash will speak no less frankly and boldly about Graham's unconscionable betrayal of the people of South Carolina.  The candidate who does that will be elected to the United States Senate in 2014, and what a great day that will be.

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