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Friday, June 28, 2013

Lindsey Graham Paved the Way for Supreme Court Ruling

Richard Cash says Graham Should be held Accountable for Supreme Court ruling on Marriage

Elena Kagan with Lindsey Graham, her only Republican supporter on the Judiciary Committee.

Anderson, SC - Once again, activist judges on the Supreme Court have undermined our political process by striking down part of the Defense Of Marriage Act (DOMA), enacted in 1996. By a 5-4 decision the justices ruled that benefits for married federal employees must be extended to same-sex couples in states that allow same-sex marriage, invalidating the section of DOMA which defined marriage as the legal union between one man and one woman for federal purposes.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lindsey Graham Fails to Understand the US Constitution

Graham’s opponent, Richard Cash, states Snowden had a duty to expose NSA scandal

ANDERSON, SC - Senator Graham’s perspective regarding the unconstitutional behavior of the US Government in searching through the phone records of US citizens is off base. Senator Graham has stated he is “glad” that the Obama administration has undertaken massive spying on American citizens.

Richard Cash
In contrast, South Carolina businessman Richard Cash, Graham’s only declared primary opponent, asks, “How would you feel if a government agent showed up at your home once a month and asked to study your phone bill to see who you have been talking to and how often and for how long? In light of the fourth amendment and the lack of probable cause, it is clearly unconstitutional on the face of it.”

To make matters worse, Senator Graham thinks the wrongdoer is not the government, but the whistle blower. Senator Graham has stated, “I view Mr. Snowdens’ actions not as one of patriotism, but potentially a felony. I hope we follow him to the ends of the earth to bring him to justice.”

According to Cash, those comments are uncalled for and a distraction from the constitutional issue at hand. Cash stated, “Senator Graham has shown little regard for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The government has overstepped its bounds by targeting law abiding citizens.”

Cash went on to say, “Senator Graham’s comments are over the top. Perhaps a whistle blower such as Mr. Snowden is simply doing his duty and trying to uphold the Constitution. The central issue remains, however, the illegal government operation that led to this embarrassing revelation.”

Richard is a graduate of Furman University with a degree in Economics and Business Administration.  He has worked professionally as a computer programmer and analyst, served full time as a pro-life missionary, and volunteered as a youth coach and athletic director.  He is the founder and owner of two small businesses, which he has operated for the past 14 years.  Richard and Marcia have been married for 28 years.  In 2010, Richard ran for US Congress in the third district.  After winning the primary over a field of 6 candidates, he narrowly lost a runoff to Rep. Jeff Duncan.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Richard Cash Posts Web Infomercial in Bid to Rid South Carolina of Lindsey Graham

We haven't settled on a candidate yet; we'll support the conservative with the best chance of ridding South Carolina of its rogue and treasonous Senator, Lindsey Graham.  But there is no question, Richard Cash would make a superb United States Senator and would give South Carolinians two thoughtful and principled conservative votes in the United States Senate. 
Like any good candidate, Richard Cash needs to introduce himself to Republican voters throughout our state, but in the end the Republican Primary will be a referendum on the Senate career of Lindsey Graham.  We have commented on its many outrageous highlights; and we hope Richard Cash will speak no less frankly and boldly about Graham's unconscionable betrayal of the people of South Carolina.  The candidate who does that will be elected to the United States Senate in 2014, and what a great day that will be.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Upstate South Carolina Leader Endorses Rick Santorum

Richard Cash is a small business owner from Powdersville, South Carolina and edits the blog, Clear Notes.  In 2010, Richard ran for Congress in the 3rd district of South Carolina, finishing first in a field of six in the initial Republican primary. In a run-off for the Republican nomination, Richard was narrowly defeated by Jeff Duncan.

Richard and his wife of 25 years, Marcia, are blessed with 8 children. Richard graduated with honors from Furman University with a degree in Economics/Business Administration. He also holds a Master’s in Theology from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.

Richard Cash with wife Marcia and family

By Richard Cash

Like many of you, I have been following the Republican presidential primary race. I watched the first SC debate, the last SC debate, and portions of many debates in between. I am not a political junkie, but having run for Congress in 2010, I am more committed than ever to the future of our nation, and the role that politics and political leaders play in that.

And so, like many of you, I have been asking myself, “Which candidate should I support?” I find admirable qualities in all the candidates, so how do I decide among them? Well, there is an old adage that goes something like this; “In order to get the right answer, you must ask the right question.” I would like to share with you a few questions and answers that have greatly influenced my decision to support Rick Santorum.
About a month ago, I came out of a political meeting involving a different candidate, and as we were heading to our cars I remarked to a friend, “It’s too bad Jim DeMint is not in this race; I could easily support him and I believe he could win the nomination.” If you are a conservative in SC, you know what I’m talking about. It’s not that other candidates are bad, it’s just that we know and trust Sen. DeMint, and supporting him would be easy.

By the next day, I had begun thinking, “Since Sen. DeMint is not in the race, which candidate is the closest to him by comparison?” The answer seemed immediate and unequivocal, Sen. Santorum. Here is a person who has been a consistent conservative leader for many years, including 12 in the US Senate. Here is a person who understands how Washington works and how to get things done, but he has not been co-opted by Washington. Here is a person who is trustworthy, both in his personal and public life.

A second question also came to me along these lines; “If I had been elected and was serving in the US Congress, which candidate would I most like to have as my President, who could I see myself working well with?” Again, the answer was obvious, Rick Santorum. He is a clear thinker, he is articulate, he has good judgment, and he understands that the foundation of faith and family is essential to maintaining freedom. If I was serving in Congress, Rick Santorum is the candidate that I would have the highest level of comfort and confidence in.

Asking and answering those two questions influenced my decision a lot, but there was one other question to deal with, which you might be considering as well; “Can he win?” After a little research, I discovered that Rick Santorum has held events in all 99 counties in Iowa and is building a strong grass roots organization there. With six weeks to go until the Iowa vote, Santorum is ready for the stretch run, and if he does well in Iowa, the campaign dynamic will change overnight.

Many people will say, “All well and good, but Rick Santorum is very low in the national polls.” In reply I say that first, polls are a snap shot, not a predictor. Four years ago at this time, the polls had Romney leading Iowa, but Huckabee ended up winning it. Secondly, polls can change quickly. This year, several candidates have risen and fallen in the polls already, proving that most people have not yet locked in their commitment.

With six weeks to go until the Iowa vote, a lot can happen with the current poll leaders, meaning the race is still very much up in air. For those who are looking for a trustworthy consistent conservative, Rick Santorum is looking better all the time. I invite you to join us in the laying the groundwork for a successful SC campaign.