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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Bill Connor Announces Campaign Steering Committee for US Senate Race

Bill with his wife Susan and their children Peyton, Brenna, and Will.
There's a strong tide moving in South Carolina to finally end the traitorous Senate career of Lindsey Graham and send in his place Bill Connor, a thoughtful, solid conservative, a Citadel graduate, who has served his country as an Airborne Ranger Infantry officer and Afghanistan combat veteran. Bill currently serves as a Lt. Colonel in the US Army reserves.   A dedicated family man and devout Christian, there will be no question as to whose interests Bill represents.  He will fight for the common-sense, kitchen table, family values of the citizens of South Carolina.

Bill Connor won't be calling his constituents racists because they believe, in this age of terrorism, that the borders of our nation should be secured and our laws on immigration obeyed, unlike Senator Graham who wants to reward law breakers with amnesty.

Bill Connor doesn't believe that government is the solution to all of America's problems; he believes that government is the problem.  In this regard, he won't be calling, as did Lindsey Graham, for the nationalization of US banks, or any other enterprises best left to the private sector.

Bill Connor, unlike Lindsey Graham, will support the Republican Platform, not join with Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats in filibustering against GOP-backed tort reform legislation.

Bill Connor, unlike Lindsey Graham, knows that America's economy is groaning under the weight of excessive taxes and massive regulation.  Unlike Lindsey Graham, he won't be supporting Democrat plans for cap and trade legislation and the massive tax increases that would entail.

Bill Connor will dedicate himself to serving the best interests of his constituents and the security and strategic interests of our country, not Wall Street banksters, as did Senator Graham, when he voted for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) with its massive debt increases and expansion of the federal government.

Bill Connor has fought to defend the God-given rights and freedoms Americans thought were protected by the U. S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  He surely won't be supporting, as does Senator Graham, the fingerprinting and imposition of ID cards on law-abiding Americans, the establishment of biometric data banks, and the massive spying and data mining being carried out by the NSA and other agencies of the federal government.

Bill Connor reveres and will honor the principles upon which our nation, under God, was founded.  He knows that a radical re-commitment to  the Constitution and the Bill of Rights is essential if American freedoms and greatness are to be restored.  Unlike Senator Graham, he won't be voting to place left-wing extremists on the Supreme Court.

Finally, as a combat veteran, Bill Connor knows that the men and women of the Armed Services should never be put in harms way to carry out any mission that does not directly serve the safety, security, strategic interests and freedom of the American people.  We can no longer afford to play policeman, banker and Santa Claus to the whole world.

For these reasons and so many more, your editor is pleased and honored to serve on Bill Connor's Campaign Steering Committee, which was announced yesterday.  

Bill's election is vital to South Carolina; we can no longer afford to have the conservative votes of  Senator Tim Scott cancelled out by Lindsey Graham, who only pretends to be a conservative every six years.  But this election is also crucial to all Americans who care about righting our ship of state and steering a far different course than that taken by Obama and Graham.  Bill's campaign needs the prayers, financial support and encouragement of all Americans who love and care about our country.  Bill Connor has fought for America his entire adult life.  Now he has undertaken a battle that will determine whether we continue to live in the country bequeathed to us by America's founders -- a land of freedom, faith, hope and opportunity.  Upon this battle depends the future of your children and grandchildren.  Let's ensure that Bill Connor will be fighting for us in the United States Senate.


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