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Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Elgar's Tribute to the Future Queen

This is one of the very last works of the great English composer, Sir Edward Elgar.  It was written and dedicated to Their Royal Highness' Princess Elizabeth and Margaret long before it was known that Princess Elizabeth would become the United Kingdom's greatest and longest-serving monarch.  The first performance in 1931 was a private recording session for which the London Symphony Orchestra was engaged under the direction of the composer. The Duke and Duchess of York were in attendance on this occasion and were so enchanted by 'The Wagon Passes' - (5th movement) that it was played again. This is the final 7th movement, a lovely tender, reflective mood and violin solo with images reminding us of those nursery days.  The images are of dolls and their world of toys gazing through the nursery window contemplating life beyond the nursery confines.

It is performed here by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.

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