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Wednesday, September 14, 2022

For Elizabeth

For Elizabeth

Lay still your tongues and bow your heads,
lower the flags, our Queen is dead.
Put down your work, set games aside, silence the songs, our Queen has died.
Stand in the streets, pause in the rush, think of her now, amid the hush;
in the time before the tribute drum,
‘til the bugles call and the eulogies come.
Hold back the words, make no speeches today,
reflect on the debt we may never repay.
A beacon of light, a life lived well,
give thanks for our Queen, toll the mourning bell.
Grieve now a while, let the Nations weep, for our greatest Queen in her final sleep.
Then raise up your hearts, let her legacy sing,
Great Britain unite and stand by our King.
The future is ours in a world made bright, by the strength of her love and eternal light.

Philippa Atkin 


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