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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bachmann Campaign Imploding

U.S. Republican presidential candidate and Representative Michele Bachmann (R-MN) speaks during a campaign event at Principal Financial Group in Des Moines, Iowa December 29, 2011.
Credit: Reuters/Joshua Lott
Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has lost a second top campaign staffer in another setback before the Iowa caucuses on January 3, NBC News reported on Thursday.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ron Paul Ad Tells the Truth About Rick Perry

Ron Paul is taking on Rick Perry in a new television ad blasting the Texas governor for his support of Al Gore’s 1988 presidential campaign.

The six-figure ad buy, and one of the first negative ads to attack Perry,  contrasts Paul’s endorsement of Ronald Reagan in 1980 with Perry’s role as the Texas chairman for Gore’s first presidential campaign.

We're not endorsing any candidate yet, but this blog will most definitely not be supporting Rick Perry or Mitt Romney. American can and must do far better; Ron Paul, Rick Santorum and Michelle Bachmann are much better -- and genuine conservatives.

Please tell us what you think.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Bachmann Comments on Standard & Poor's Decision to Downgrade the U.S. Credit Rating

 "President Obama is destroying the foundations of the U.S. economy one beam at a time."
 Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann issued the following statement in light of Standard & Poor's (S&P) decision to downgrade the U.S. credit rating for the first time in U.S. history:
“Tonight’s decision by S&P to downgrade our credit rating to AA+ is a historically significant and serious event for the United States. The United States has had a AAA credit rating since 1917. That rating has endured the great depression, World War II, Korea, Vietnam and the terrorist attacks on 9/11. This President has destroyed the credit rating of the United States through his failed economic policies and his inability to control government spending by raising the debt ceiling.

“We were warned by all of the credit agencies that a failure to deal with our debt would lead to a downgrade in our credit rating, but instead he submitted a budget that had a $1.5 trillion deficit and then requested a $2.4 trillion blank check. President Obama is destroying the foundations of the U.S. economy one beam at a time. I call on the President to seek the immediate resignation of Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and to submit a plan with a list of cuts to balance the budget this year, turn our economy around and put Americans back to work."

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Bachmann Pulling Even with Romney and Perry, Has Strong Lead Among Evangelicals and Catholics

There is good news for Michelle Bachmann in a Rasmussen Poll released today.  It shows her holding her own with Governors Romney and Perry.  She has a substantial lead among Evangelicals, Catholics, Tea Party members and conservatives.  

We have no doubt that Bachmann's numbers will only improve when Republicans become more familiar with the big government, big spending, liberal records and globalist views  of Romney and Bilderberger Rick Perry.

Rasmussen reports that Sixty-eight percent (68%) share a favorable opinion of Bachmann, with 36% "very favorable." She’s viewed unfavorably by 22%, including nine percent (9%) who hold a very unfavorable opinion.  Governor Perry's unfavorable number is more than twice that of Congresswoman Bachmann.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Defund Obamacare's Secret Stash

It would be funny were they not so evil.
Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann has characterized the following slush fund, buried deep within Obamacare, as "gangster government," and that is precisely what it is.  A Democrat Congress abdicated its responsibilities and a thoroughly corrupt Obama regime behaved  the way corrupt Chicago politicians do.  It is precisely for this kind of thuggish defiance of Constitutional law that we have called for the President's impeachment.

While Obamacare is rightly notorious as a fiscal nightmare, less well known is just how massively it transferred power from Congress to the executive branch. In fact, the full scope of Congress’s abdication is still unknown. What is now known, however, is that deeply buried within Obamacare was a $105 billion slush fund that assures its implementation into the future, no matter what future voters think or want.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Michelle Bachmann Should Not Be Overlooked

Minnesota Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann
It was an oversight to have not included Michelle Bachmann in our currently running poll on possible 2012 Republican presidential primary candidates.  

We have great admiration for Mrs. Bachmann and will certainly include her in any future polls.  We could not agree more with the following column.  A Bachmann candidacy could be the spark for a greatly needed re-dedication to Constitutional government.

Bachmann: Reagan in Pumps
From CNSNews
By J. Matt Barber

From the instant his fruitful eight-year reign ended, Republicans have pined for the next Ronald Reagan. To date, no man has succeeded in filling the conservative standard-bearer's legendary boots. Well, maybe it's time to swap boots for pumps. Could he be a she?

Sarah Palin, you say? Perhaps, but there's actually another outspoken, attractive, fearlessly conservative Tea Party favorite firing up the center-right grass roots: Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican.

Forget a Senate run. The buzz inside the Beltway is that Mrs. Bachmann may be looking to add a woman's touch to the Oval Office (beyond just sprucing up its temporary occupant's eyesore decor). Her spokesman, Doug Sachtleben, has confirmed to media that the congresswoman is considering a potential presidential run, saying: "Nothing's off the table."

Mrs. Bachmann also hinted at the possibility, recently telling "We're going to have a deep bench for 2012, I have no doubt, and I think what people are asking for is a bold, strong, constitutional conservative."
Mrs. Bachmann is all that and more. Let's put aside for a moment the delightful prospect that the mere chance of a President Bachmann would be worth the price of admission if only to watch Chris Matthews' punkin burst about the set of his ratings-scraping MSNBC sideshow. The truth is that a Bachmann presidency could be just the shot in the arm Republicans - and our worse-for-the-wear republic - desperately need.

Mrs. Bachmann has shown unwavering commitment to the same conservative precepts - be they fiscal, national defense or social - held near and dear by the Gipper himself. Precepts that, when properly applied, took us from a deep Carter recession - a tiny scale model of the Obama recession - to abiding prosperity.

Abiding, that is, until the Reagan Revolution dust settled and godless, big-government "progressives" wormed their way back into leadership.

Mrs. Bachmann has been a stalwart in advocating on behalf of constitutional conservatism. She's chairman of the House Tea Party Caucus and has put her money where her mouth is, voting consistently in Congress to limit the size and scope of government, fortify national security and protect life, liberty and the natural family. National Journal rated Mrs. Bachmann among the most conservative members of Congress in 2009.

Moreover, as with Reagan, it's principle over popularity with the feminine firebrand. She's evidently indifferent to what the moonbat media and the larger loony left think about her. This is an indispensable quality in a leader "We the People" can get behind. She's a maverick's maverick, not the media's.

Still, Mrs. Bachmann is not afraid to shake things up in her own Republican Party. What she lacks in physical stature, she makes up for in - to borrow one of the mainstream media's favorite terms - gravitas. If it takes a step stool to kick a moderate Republican in name only's tail into line, the counterestablishment lawmaker will climb it and kick it.

True, a House member hasn't been elected president since James Garfield, and a woman never has. But as Barack Obama, our first black president, might tell you: We live in an age of firsts.

And speaking of Mr. Obama: In the unlikely event that you could untether him from his tele-prompter binky long enough to debate Mrs. Bachmann, I'd bet my share of the stimulus money that she'd mop the floor with him.

Will she run? Could she win? It remains to be seen. But one thing's for sure: The fireworks leading up to the 2012 presidential election will be something to behold. Based on her penchant for telling it like it is, her existing widespread Tea Party support and her fast-growing national popularity, if this intelligent, principled, bomb-dropping bombshell were to run, I suspect her campaign might just catch fire.