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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

"Pope" Francis, Subversive Agent -- Priest Calls for Resistance

Pope Francis recently released his Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia. Here a Priest speaks up and condemns the text and calls for Catholics to resist. 

The audio in this video is taken from a sermon entitled "Peter has No Need of Our Lies or Flattery" uploaded to Regina Prophetarum ( on April 24, 2016. 

We encourage you to listen to the entire homily, but here are some quotes from the video related to Pope Francis:

 "With his latest document, namely Amoris Laetitia, The Joy of Married Love, our Pope has largely joined in the sexual revolution, embracing worldly ways, being a sign of compromise as opposed to the sign of contradiction and the world is applauding." 

"It is time to recognize a threat and to resist." 

"No matter what anyone tells you, Pope Francis does put forth the notion of Sacraments being available for those Catholics involved with public habitual adultery. One can now outwardly violate the Divine Law itself, yet find acceptance and even communion without need for change or purpose of amendment." 

"Pope Francis not only embraced dangerous revolutionary ideas, but he has become a subversive agent of radical change." 

"On at least three occasions the Holy Father purposefully misquotes, misuses, and abuses previous Church texts in order to mislead and push forward his agenda. He has become a sign of contradiction not to the world, but to the Church and to Tradition." 

"Instead of embracing his Petrine vocation to build up the Church, Pope Francis seems to be working towards the goal of tearing down and destroying. In such a situation the Holy Father does not need our applause and flattery, but rather - resistance." 

Who Is the Priest Speaking? Though the name of this Priest is now known to us, we respect the policy of Regina Prophetarum to purposefully withhold the name and here will do the same. Note - The imagery of the video is of our choosing and was not part of the original audio file. It consists primarily of news clippings related to Pope Francis which are relevant to the Priest's words. 

Please also see - THE RIGHT & DUTY TO RESIST A POPE 

SAINT BASIL THE GREAT - "Unbelievers laugh at what they see, and the weak are unsettled; faith is doubtful, ignorance is poured over their souls, because the adulterators of the word in wickedness imitate the truth. Religious people keep silence, but every blaspheming tongue is let loose. Sacred things are profaned; those of the laity who are sound in faith avoid the places of worship, as schools of impiety, and raise their hands in solitude with groans and tears to the Lord in heaven."

Lord, in Your mercy, send us a conclave!