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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Connor Campaign Releases First Television Ad

Connor first candidate up on television, only statewide candidate on Daytona 500

The Bill Connor campaign today released the first television ad of the 2010 Primary cycle by any Lt. Governor candidate. The ad debuted during today’s FOX pre-race telecast of the Daytona 500 in the Greenville market, and will air later in the day in the Charleston and Columbia markets. This is the only political ad running during the NASCAR broadcast, and is also the first television ad by any Republican statewide candidate not running for Governor.

“I knew that as the outsider in this race, I would need to get out early and be the first to announce my candidacy,” Connor said. “We were the first to announce, the first to post a website, the first to air radio advertisements, and now the first up on television. I am also proud to be the first returning post-9/11 war veteran to run for statewide office in South Carolina.”

The ad, titled “Family Business,” highlights Connor’s lineage as a 4th generation Army officer, and hints at the fact that he is the first post-9/11 combat veteran to announce for South Carolina statewide office.

It also notes Connor’s wartime service record in Afghanistan with the 218th Infantry Brigade, where he received a Bronze Star as Senior US Advisor to Afghan forces in Helmand Province and Senior US Liaison to British Forces there.

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Amanda said...

Nice Post Daniel. Good stuff! Bill Connor is a real leader. Check this out