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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bill Connor Has the Washington Political and Media Elites Worried

Meet the Press Discusses Bill Connor's 'Graham for Hillary' Ad

In the eyes of the Washington media and political elites, Lindsey Graham is the very model of what a Republican Senator should be -- apologetic for his party and his constituents, the reliable houseboy for Democrats on key votes, who goes beyond compromise to being a traitorous Quisling, so that he can be a regular guest on their Sunday news shows and at their parties in Georgetown.

As the following clip suggests, the elites are fearful their dutiful servant, Lindsey, might be challenged by someone who is actually a real Republican, grounded in conservative principle and dedicated to restoring the Constitutional republic and fiscal sanity.  They have reason to be worried; Bill Connor is on the move to ensure South Carolina has two conservative votes in the United States Senate and that Graham's betrayal is finally ended.